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Ah Heng Duck Rice 同濟前阿興鴨飯 – The old school taste

Ah Heng Duck Rice 同濟前阿興鴨飯

Old Thong Chai Medical Institution is a historic building in Singapore, located at Eu Tong Sen Street and used to be one of the busiest areas for the merchandising activities in the 60s and 70s. It was a birth place of many famous hawker food and Ah Heng Duck Rice was just one of it.

Ah Heng Duck Rice 同濟前阿興鴨飯

Of course, time has changed and Ah Heng Duck Rice has settled down in the Hong Lim Food Centre, selling the same ever popular braised duck for the pool of loyal fans.

Besides the rows of glistering braised duck hanging in the shelves, the big pile of complementary items eg. Braised eggs, pork belly, pig offal, tau pok, tau kwa etc at the stall is another luring factor to the alluring taste

We are not the fans of pig offals and so stick to their star which is the braised duck.

Ah Heng Duck Rice

Beside their signature braised duck, we ordered the eggs and salted preserved mustard from the complementary items.

Eating braised duck just to have to go rice, of course it will be ideal if yam rice can be made available, unfortunately it is not a choice here and we have to settle down with plain white rice.

Braised duck was the typical Teochew style, the braised sauce was done with fairly basic seasoning, no distinct herbal flavour and in fact we were trying hard to find a unique selling point of the sauce but hmm…..

Ah Heng Duck Rice

Duck meat was tender but texture more on the coarse side which made the duck less refine for a pleasant bite, fortunately, the skin was not saturated with thick fat and less guilt when eat.

The duck meat may not be the best but in general adhering to the traditional old school taste. However, the chili sauce was top-notched with perfect balanced of spiciness and sourness, a great dipping sauce to go with the duck.

Our verdict

The traditional and old school style of Ah Heng Duck Rice will continue attract the loyal fans, it wouldn’t make your eye balls rolling but still good enough to enjoy a satisfying meal.

Ah Heng Duck Rice 同濟前阿興鴨飯

A: 531A Upper Cross Street, #02-64 Hong Lim Food Centre, Singapore 051531

H: Tue to Sun: 8.30am to 2.30pm, Closed on Mondays


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