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Ah Dong Teh House

Ah Dong Teh House

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Hong Kong Tea House or Cha Can Ting has been sprouting around the island.  Ah Dong Teh House – a different version of tea house adopted similar concept but twisted to the Singapore way has emerged to provide another alternative in dining.

Ah Dong Teh House is situated at the scenic Punggol park, a stretch of Water Promenade Riverside Walk surrounded by the serene greenery and residential estates, this is a place popular amongst Punggol’s residents to unwind and relax.

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Ah Dong Teh House is one of the many eateries operating along the riverside, featuring a young boy with his pet dog and bird as the mascot in the cafe, inlay in the vibrant orange wall under a simple but comfortable setting.

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We are invited to review the newly revamped menu after the makeover to the place few months ago. One of the owners, Mr. Tiam has recommended some of the signature dishes here.

XO carrot cake $7.90
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A complete departure from the traditional fried carrot cake, radish cake was cut in small cubes and deep fried with the luncheon meat to attain slight crisp externally, XO sauce was then added to enhance the flavour and topped with pork floss for the extra zing. A good appetizer to start of the meat.

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Mac N Cheez $7.90

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Shredded Cheddar, Mozzarella cheese, bacon and macaroni. The dish hardly can go too far off the track with the pungent flavour accentuated by the blue cheese added, another appitizer to perk up your appetite.

XO Seafood Fried Rice $15.90
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Served with cracker and achar, the flavour of the fried rice was a wholesome home made taste, enchanted by the Chinese sausage, cuttlefish, shrimp, mocked crabmeat and eggs. We enjoyed the fragrance of the fried rice with its sambal spiciness at the right note.

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Ah Dong Chicken Curry Noodle $9.90
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The curry gravy was slathered over the mee served with big chuck of chicken, curry was thick but somehow missing the needed curry fragrance, the chicken failed to make up for it and was a letdown with its tough texture.

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Vanilla waffle with Durian puree

 ah dong teh house 11

Fluffy waffle topped with a Vanilla ice cream and durian puree.

Ah Dong Teh House Our verdict:

The cafe was mostly occupied by the families with young kids and parents when we were about to leave the place. This is perhaps goes well with the tagline outlined at Ah Dong Teh House “There is something for everyone @ Ah Dong.” A place where everyone can find something to munch at the reasonable price.

Thanks Ah Dong Teh House for the invite. 

Ah Dong Teh House

Address: 10 Tebing Lane, #01-03/04, Singapore 828849

Telephone: 62410309

Hours: Monday – Friday (11am to 2am), Sat, Sun & PH (9am – 2am)

*Last order at 1am




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