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Afterwit, Singapore Review

Afterwit: Your Mexican Taqueria in Singapore!

We all have our favorite comfort food – that I have plenty! I love meat, pizzas, pasta and chicken. That is a lot, right? It isn’t everyday that you want all of them. Comfort food can mean specific dishes. One of my favorite comfort food can be found at Afterwit, Singapore. And, I am finally writing a review about the place.

I hope you’re as excited as I am!

afterwit singapore
Image From Afterwit, Facebook

Afterwit can be found at the North Bridge Road of Singapore, and it’s not hard to find since it’s just right across the street from CS Mobility and Hotel Clover. Heads up for choosing peak hours – parking can come pretty hard to find so know when it’s best to head here and if you should bring a car or commute to Aftwerwit.

There’s nothing really striking with Afterwit’s decorations. But, they’re pretty artsy, and they have different art displayed on the wall. If you’re looking for classy and luxurious surroundings, this won’t be the place for you. 

Afterwit is everyone’s favorite Mexican hangout; it’s chill, it has good lighting and good food – it’s perfect for that quick group hangout.

Image From Afterwit, Facebook

One thing I like about this place is that they have generous portions. The place also makes me feel like I can loosen up a bit from work, from all the stress and just enjoy the food I went to Afterwit for. 

They definitely have great food – and, I am not just saying that because I am at the diner for almost twice a week. They really do have good food! That is why Afterwit is one of those places I can simply eat all my stresses away.

Keep reading to hear about my favorites from Afterwit, Singapore!


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The Afterwit Menu

Image From Afterwit, Instagram

Afterwit has a way of making their menu very family-friendly. It’s not everyday that your favorite local diner would consider the young kids. At Afterwit, it’s important that coming together for a chill hangout doesn’t exclude the young kids. Afterwit also has a few selections for kids with their mini-orders of the tortilla pizza, burritos and quesadilla. So, if the kids who are 10 years old and below want to enjoy with you at Afterwit – TAKE THEM WITH YOU!

Churros (S$9.90-12.90)

Image From Afterwit

I never miss out on the churros. It always has to be part of the order all the time. More times than not, the churros are always the first thing I order. I do not have a specific flavor, because they’re all good.

Just so you know, they have three flavours to choose from when you order their House Churros; White Choco Raspberry, Caramel and Ondeh-Ondeh. I would try the ondeh-ondeh first, if you want all that flavor already in your mouth. If you’re not ready for any flavours, of course, you can order the original flavors.

Mocktails (S$9.90)

Their mocktails are amazing! They remind me of a refreshing day by the beach. A personal favorite is their recent Mango Frost. It’s just amazingly prepared that I did not expect it to taste that good – considering mocktails are not really intended to relax your nerves like cocktails do.

Before their Mango Frost, I had a personal liking to the Pina Colada and Sangria.

Either way, it would be best to try their menu on mocktails whenever you go for a visit to Afterwit.

Burrito (S$15.90)

Image From Afterwit

Now, I would always love a good burrito from time to time. (Are you still wondering why I come here often?) My favorite burrito variant at Afterwit is the Double Cheeseburger and the Wasabi Mayo Shrimp. Actually, it’s one or the other when I order a burrito.

After trying the Wasabi Mayo Shrimp at the most previous visit, I’d get the Double Cheeseburger after. I love the burritos at Afterwit, I just think these two are on top of my list all the time.

Soft Taco Cajun Spiced Chicken and Pulled Beef (S$17.90/each)

I think I am an everyday-Tacos kind of person. I don’t eat tacos everyday, I am just saying I can. It is because of Afterwit that I learned to really love Mexican food, and I wasn’t always fond of these comfort foods. I usually loved steaks and carbohydrates – more on the best of Western cuisine, too.

The soft tacos of Afterwit, Cajun Spiced Chicken and Pulled Beef are definitely my favorite. I love it with plenty of cheese and tomatoes, to be honest. I love all the flavors – but if I ever had to choose because of rushing, it would be these two. 

The Grilled Cod is also an amazing option for your soft tacos. I like how the cod is grilled and seasoned really well. It doesn’t overwhelm my taste buds, and it has chipotle mayonnaise.

Image From Afterwit, Facebook

Chimichanga (S$18.90)

For the love of whoever created burritos, and the love of who thought of chimichanga, thank you for this amazing creation!

Since it’s not always on a mexican restaurant’s menu, let me make a precise explanation of what a chimichanga is. A chimichanga is basically a burrito that has been deep-fried.

Okay, health-wise, it’s pretty fishy – anything deep fried is scary. But, think about it – evenly cooked tortilla, evenly cooked ingredients – it’s hard to resist this. And, it’s not unhealthy when you know how to prepare it healthily. It’s not to be consumed everyday, too.

I have always enjoyed Afterwit. Have I missed something on the menu? If you’ve experienced this amazing Mexican taqueria, let me know how your experience was!


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