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Adrift by David Myers

Adrift by David Myers at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre

Adrift by David Myers is an amazing place to hangout – may it be by day or by night. You can find them located at the Sands Expo & Convention Centre in Singapore, and came in highly recommended by my colleagues at work.

For starters, I really did love the ambience. It had a modern touch to its rustic accent, and it did suit the fine interior of the restaurant. The only downside is that some parts of the interior, the ceiling perse, did make the whole restaurant feel too crowded and overwhelming.

Regardless of the downside, I do love the fact that the outer walls are made of glass, and it gives good and natural lighting to the place. I am not sure if other people have this like, too, but I enjoy places with natural lighting a lot.

Adrift by David Myers
Image From Adrift by David Myers, Facebook

Adrift by David Myers According to Recommendations

Being recommended by some as one of the best dating places in Singapore, I thought I would try it with my closest friends. Well, it’s the best place to just chill and enjoy the restaurant when you’re with people you actually do like and prefer the company of.

According to the recommended dishes, some had the best eggs benedict here. Others just really emphasized on how great their breakfast buffet is. While we didn’t try any of the recommendations, we improvised and we did have a couple of favourites on our table.

Adrift by David Myers
Image From Adrift by David Myers, Facebook

      Sands Expo & Convention Centre – 10 Bayfront Ave., Lobby Tower 2 Hotel, Singapore 018956

      Contact Number:

      Service Hours:
      7:00 AM – 2:00 AM



      Social Media:
Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

Adrift by David Myers Menu

Skimming through the menu, we saw that they served a wide array of choices for their guests. They had Japanese cuisine on their menu. They had American and Western. They also had modern Asian cuisine to top off the hat. It was a nicely put menu, and we had a lot of expectations about the food that we were going to order.

Salmon Roe (S$16.00)

Adrift by David Myers
Image From Adrift by David Myers, Facebook

In the form of fried brioche, I love how much the caviar just complimented the salted fish roe without overwhelming it with the fishy flavour. I’m not very fond of fishy flavours, but this wasn’t as bad as I expected. It wasn’t bad at all. The salmon roe was properly incorporated into the brioche that it did blend well with the toast.

David Blackmore Striploin (S$115.00)

Adrift by David Myers
Image From Adrift by David Myers, Facebook

The striploin was the star of the night for me – it wasn’t overcooked, it wasn’t bland, and the inner meat was just ripe for my taste buds. I’ve always loved meat, and I will always appreciate how they are prepared.

David Blackmore Striploin is prepared with a Victorian tongue, and it’s amazing how they like the beef seasoned. It wasn’t overwhelming to the tongue, and the meat was chewable. It seemed like it wasn’t greased, and it didn’t need to be greased to get that amazing cook aroma and flavour on the surface.

Sea Barramundi (S$44.00)

Adrift by David Myers
Image From Adrift by David Myers

How do you describe the perfectly cooked fish you never thought you’d say you love and will always come back for? Being a meat person, I have always found myself craving seafood since they have healthier protein, and they’re good for the heart because of the healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

This dish, right here, is one of the dishes I would love on my plate from time to time. You can taste the lemon, feel the beans and the wasabi fits the preparation just right.

Lobster Roll (S$8.00)

Adrift by David Myers
Image From Adrift by David Myers, Facebook

The cheapest, but definitely not the least appreciated, the lobster roll was amazing. The curry dressing that topped the roll was an amazing compliment to the bun that kept the whole roll in place. This little preparation made me feel healthy for some reason.

Ox Tongue (S$26.00)

This is my first time to have this dish. It tastes amazing, but I was a little worried about the cholesterol content, which is why I think this is a dish best shared. I have to admit, the ox tongue tastes amazing, and I like the texture while chewing it. I expected it to taste and feel like something alien to my taste buds, but it was pretty good – new, but not alien at all.

Adrift by David Myers
Image From Adrift by David Myers, Facebook

To be particularly honest, seafood is not really their strongest dish, but it doesn’t mean they don’t have amazing seafood flavours. And, I am only saying this because I (hands down) love the ox tongue and striploin – there’s no arguing with this. If you’ve been around for quite some time now, I have written reviews where I always look forward to the meat on the menu.

Adrift by David Myers definitely didn’t disappoint my taste buds, and they did have an amazing variety of dishes and desserts. I could also say that if I needed a good location to bring my date, I sure would think about Adrift by David Myers, especially if we’re near the area. I am yet to try the restaurant in the evening, and everyone keeps saying it’s an entirely different experience at night. Until then, I hope this was worth your read of Adrift by David Myers.

How was your experience at Adrift by David Myers?



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