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Adam Fishball Noodle 亚当鱼圆面

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Adam Fishball Noodle 亚当鱼圆面

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Adam Food Centre is prominently famous for its Indian and Malay food, not many Chinese foods stalls able to shine in this food centre. Among those Chinese food stalls, Adam Fishball Noodle has been around for a long time and it has a group of loyal followers, we have tried most of the famous Indian and Malay food in this food centre and no reason we should miss those popular Chinese foods as well.

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We ordered the mee pok dry version, the fishball noodle serves with the standard topping; you get the sliced fish cake, fish dumping, green vegetable, shallots and a bowl of fishball soup for the dried version. The mee pok was a little wet gooey type which might be the result of slight overcooking, the chili sauce which was the soul of the mee pok tasted more on the sweet flavour, in our opinion, the chili sauce somehow not able to accentuate the noodle and create a much needed punch of the dish. The fishball and fish cake were tasted ordinary and not likely handmade but more like buying from the supermarket.  

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The bowl of mee pok may not live up to our expectation but the soup was no less delicious, the broth was sweet and tasty. We could have better to just order the fishball soup or other soup base noodles, from the scrumptious taste of the soup it is likely more superior than the dry version which was a bit of a letdown.  

Overall, if you are not friend of chili, Adam Fishball Noodle could be good choices for you, otherwise, opt for the soup base noodle or fishball soup which could be a better pick.

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Adam Fishball Noodle 亚当鱼圆面

Address: Adam Road Food Centre, Stall 14, 2 Adam Road Singapore 289876

Operating Hours: Open during lunch and dinner and closed day subject to change

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