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Acqua e Farina, Singapore

Acqua e Farina: The Flavors of Italy

Acqua e Farina is an Italian restaurant by chefs Roberto Galbiati and Antonio who shared the same dream of introducing exquisite Italian cuisine in Singapore. They promise to serve the amazing flavours of North and South Italy to your tables, and it’s definitely the legit quality of dishes of Italy.

One of the things I like about Acqua e Farina is how it’s chosen its location in the hilly, greener side of Singapore – Upper Bukid Timah. Chef Robert Galbiati is known from Northern Milan, while Chef Antonio Manetto is a product of hard work and flavours of the South. Together, Acqua e Farina is fused into an array of choices from Italy with their collaboration in running the restaurant.

acqua e farina menu
Image From Acqua e Farina, Facebook

Together, they have come up with a wholesome menu that amazingly delivers the great food of Italy. Some of us may think that Italian is simply Italian, but it’s different for the North and the South, and this is why Acqua e Farina keeps the growth of flavours progressive and amazingly impressive for gastronomes.

The chefs of Acqua e Farina created a menu that would properly induce the amazing flavours in the regions of Italy that the guests would have a great understanding of this special cuisine.

Going to Acqua e Farina, it’s pretty exciting since people who’ve recommended the restaurant have been loyal guests of the place for years. Some, even decades! So, I had pretty high expectations of the food they serve.

Here’s a head up! I know that pizza is a pretty known Italian dish to almost everyone. Sadly, I didn’t try the pizza. But, I definitely tried the dishes that people have suggested from the menu. Are you ready to find out what I discovered? Keep reading, then.

The Ambience

acqua e farina menu
Image From Acqua e Farina, Facebook

Speaking of about Italian restaurants, I like how the owners design their restaurants to look like authentic restaurants in Italy. They actually had brick walls! It’s only on one side of the wall, so consider that my favourite wall for the meantime. And, their winery is beautifully displayed on the walls as well. You can find the perfect drink to go hand in hand with the dining experience.

They have a comfortable ambience at Acqua e Farina, but I think I prefer the evening ambience. I dined in the evening, and went back for a short visit sometime after during the day – and I didn’t really like how brightly lit the place is. I’ve somehow loved the dimmer feel of the evening hours.

Acqua e Farina

The Rail Mall, 400 Upper Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 678050

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The Acque e Farina Menu

The Orange Juice (S$5.00) I had before the meal was really fresh. I loved how you really just know it’s fresh; there wasn’t any artificial flavour in the juice. It was pure orange juice.

It’s good because it was refreshing and cool for that evening. When I was given my orange juice, I was thinking about what else on the menu could be fresh, no artificial flavouring, no instant substitutes.

acqua e farina menu
Image From Acqua e Farina, Facebook

Their Tacchino Ripieno was definitely one of my favourite dishes at Acqua e Farina. And, I suggest you give this dish a first on your list when you order. Tacchino Ripieno is a dish that literally translates to ‘stuffed turkey’. In this case, the Tacchino Ripieno here is stuffed with freshly harvested mushrooms, chestnuts, and vegetables. And, it is served with an amazingly concocted gravy.

The best thing about this dish is that the turkey was properly stuffed with the right ingredients that all the flavour just got absorbed by the turkey. The meat was tender, it was juicy, and I loved the combination of the flavours that soothed its way through the meat.

acqua e farina menu
Image From Acqua e Farina, Facebook

Trofie al Pesto con Gamberetti (S$21.00) is an amazing pasta dish I’ve only tried at Acqua e Farina. The trofie pasta is a short and thin pasta – much like the form of spaghetti pasta but much, much shorter. 

Now, this dish is a trofie pasta with pesto sauce and shrimp, and I never gave it much thought how good they all go well together.

The Trofie al Pesto con Gamberetti is definitely one of the many Italian pasta dishes I will never forget. One, because it is one of the few pasta preparations I’ve actually been exposed to. Second, because I realized how much we do not know about flavours.

acqua e farina menu
Image From Acqua e Farina, Facebook

The Italian cuisine is so rich, and I didn’t expect to experience how different flavours could taste so good combined together.

I really do enjoy lavishing dishes with seafood ingredients. Take, for example, the Linguine con Vongole Veraci e Cozze (S$25.00). This Acqua e Farina dish is a fun dish for me, with the delicious mussels and clams giving me a saucy preparation. I could remember how easily my brain started drooling at the sight.

It was exactly what I expected it to be. The consistency wasn’t too soupy or saucy, but it was creamy enough for me to want another fork. The flavour the clams and mussels leave in the whole dish just makes me remember how much I crave for seafood from time to time.

My experience at Acqua e Farina was magnificent, and it’s already my favourite Italian house in Singapore! Besides the fact that it makes me feel like I am in Italy for being assisted by Italian staff, I love how everything I taste is something very authentic to the Italian cuisine I’ve been very curious about.

I am not a fan of Italian cuisine, but their dishes are ones I look forward to when I visit restaurants. Dining at Acqua e Farina, I could tell I have tasted the good side of the Italian dishes – from both the North and South of Italy. It comes as no surprise why people have been loyal guests of Acqua e Farina.

Have you experienced Acqua e Farina like I have? Share your thoughts with us!



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