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Acid Bar, Singapore

Acid Bar

Comfort food is sometimes the only remedy to stress and a tough week. After getting certain things in order, I stumbled upon this lively place. Sadly, acquaintances mentioned it being a great hangout at night. As told, the crowd at Acid Bar is usually regular customers, and most of the time, new customers are always drawn by the warm welcome of those who are fond of the bar.

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The chairs are not that comfortable, and I do not think it’s really intended for just sitting back and being quiet. The whole setting of the bar is intended for people who just like to get straight to the point, or down to business as soon as possible.

Acid Bar
Image From Acid Bar, Instagram

I would take the discomfort of sitting too long on the uncomfortable chairs a sign of getting up and socializing with other people, dancing or slowly grooving to the music of the band.

Anyway, there is a nice lounge area for everyone who wishes to focus more on the food, but you won’t get a good view of the stage.

Acid Bar
Image From Acid Bar, Instagram

I still think Acid Bar has a nice and fun interior – day or night. While I did enjoy the late afternoon chillness, I wasn’t able to stay long enough to experience the life of the night.

180 Orchard Road, Singapore 238846

Contact Number:

Service Hours:
Monday to Thursday 3:00 PM – 1:00 AM
Friday to Sunday 12:00 PM – 2:00 AM



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The Acid Bar Menu

For the appetizers, we just had to try the Crispy Onion Frites (S$15.00) and the Crispy Chicken Crackling (S$15.00). They came in highly recommended by reviewers, and they did say it’s worth it.

Acid Bar
Image From Acid Bar, Instagram

Since I am a lover of meat; everything that’s chicken, pork or beef – or lamb or fish or seafood in general, I wouldn’t pass on the opportunity. Acid Bar wasn’t in to disappoint. While we all know that the place is clearly not only full for the food, but the bar as well, I didn’t expect too much of their dishes.

The Crispy Onion Frites and Crispy Chicken Crackling were amazing! Crispy, tasty and not oily and greasy. They were seasoned well before the deep fry, and I think it was a good preparation since all the oil was drained from the crispy chicken after cooking.

Who would pass on the chance to eat a Wagyu Beef Burger (S$20.00)? Definite, not me! I would always pick the meatiest on the menu, in whatever category I prefer. And, I was in the mood for an amazing burger!

I did expect a lot from the Wagyu burger, but regardless, it wasn’t disappointing. In fact, they were very generous with the filling. It wasn’t mind-blowing but it sure was meaty and just right for my taste buds.

Their Homemade Churros (S$14.00) are a good option for dessert. Being very picky with dessert since I don’t have a sweet tooth to satisfy, they were pretty decent. Not too sweet or flavorful, also not too greasy. The churros were just right, and I like the tender-crisp on the outside.

Acid Bar
Image From Acid Bar, Instagram

After much thought, I also tried the Belgian Waffles (S$14.00) for something new. I don’t always go for the waffles, but it had ice-cream and the people I was with said there weren’t many reviews about the waffles. Let me just put it out there for people, then!

The waffles were alright. It was soggy since we didn’t jump right at it and the ice-cream was starting to melt. It was sweet and very nice – but it wasn’t a portion I could finish myself. I think if we jumped right to it when it was served, it would have been an amazing plate of dessert for everyone.

For once, I passed on water and tried the Grapefruit Splash (S$19.00). Well, it’s one of Acid Bar’s signature mojitos, and it had fresh fruits. The mix was amazing! I liked how I don’t really get the taste of the rum, but the delicious and strong flavour of the mixed fruits do hit me well and leave an amazing taste in the mouth.

Acid Bar
Image From Acid Bar, Instagram

Acid Bar is an amazing place for fun, and I might just go back to try and check out the crowd in the evening. I do have a knack for bands and chilling – or, maybe minus the chilling. Acid Bar is a really cool and awesome place if you like worthy food and drinks – plus a crowd that would just love to have you around.

You can check out the Acid Bar website to learn more about their menu, their promos and the band of the night! They do have outdoor seating and they accept credit cards at the bar.

Have you been to the Acid Bar? How did it go for you?



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