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A Scope of Food MicroBiology and Food Market Meeting

The Scope of Food Microbiology: The Event Summary

This is a scope of Food Microbiology & Food Market Meetings which will be hosted by Dr. Mark Xu, himself. This event will hold a two-day schedule to create a conscious awareness in the food industry of Singapore.

Dr. Mark Xu is the founder and CEO of AP Nutripharm Pte. Ltd.. The former name of the company was Auric Pacific Nutritech Pte. Ltd., and was then given its current name in 2017.

AP Nutripharm is a Singapore-based company that specialises in biotechnology and fermentation – actively in research and development of innovations. 

From all over the world, people of different professions and careers will gather to witness and learn the innovative collaborations of experts on food microbiology and the impact this conference on food markets in the country.

This event will be holding keynote sessions by experts and professionals on food microbiology, power sessions from influential people, and industry insights and collaborations by international guests.

scope of food microbiology
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What Does The Scope of Food Microbiology Mean?

Food Microbiology is the study of microorganisms that can be found in food, or can be used to create food – or the contamination of it. This is why food microorganisms are important in the food industry. Yes, you can consider this to be the make-or-break situation of food.

In this event, the participants will be collaborators of different fields in the industry – planning, discussing and learning new discoveries that will benefit the growing food culture and industry in Singapore. Food Microbiology progressively introduces new break-throughs, and this is what Dr. Mark Xu will be sharing at this event.

Who Will Benefit From This Scope of Food Microbiology and Food Market Meetings In Singapore?

This Food Microbiology and Food Market Meetings with Dr. Mark Xu invites everyone who will find this event substantial and beneficial to their line of study of their field of work.

This event will be a host to food microbiologists, food technicians, researchers, students who have graduated and are in their doctorate levels, food industries in Singapore, private sectors and organizations and associations that implement better futures for the food and business industries in the country.

Everything that is under Food Science; nutrition, health, business, public health and research will be the agenda of the scope of Food Microbiology and Food Market Meetings.

The objectives of this event are as follows;

  • …creation, preservation and fermentation of food in the industry.
  • …more effective and healthier ways to present, prepare and improve food quality in Singapore.
  • …to control and reduce reactions of food allergies and poisoning.
  • …to introduce, create awareness, and educate food safety.
  • …education on food toxicity and contamination, as well as food microbiology and its benefits and advantages to industries and people within the country and the growth of Singapore.
scope of food microbiology
Image From Food Microbiology & Food Market Meetings

Scope of Food Microbiology & Food Market Meetings, Singapore 2019

Time & Date: December 6-7, 2019

For more details on this scope of Food Microbiology and Food Market Meetings in Singapore, please check out this link;

Contact for more details on the event venue and the abstract details you need to submit.



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