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A.S. Seafood Soup, Bedok 安盛海鲜汤 – Perfect seafood soup!

A.S. Seafood Soup @ Bedok 安盛海鲜汤 – Perfect seafood soup!

(NOTE: The stall will cease operation on 27 Jun 15 and resume operation at the new address from 7 Jul 2015, see below address update) 

(Latest Update: The stall is back to the same coffeeshop again!)

You may be heard about the the famous seafood soup at Woodland Food Centre, patience is required to have a taste of the bowl of salivating seafood soup. Over at the coffeeshop of Bedok North Ave 2, not many people is aware about there is also a stall selling the similar dishes and closely related to the famous one at Woodland.

A.S. Seafood soup 1

Trained by the same chef, A.S. Seafood Soup is a relatively new establishment with less than a year in the presence location. Does the new owner master the skill of the cooking?

We ordered the seafood soup $5.50 / $7.50

A.S. Seafood soup 3

Not cheap! First thing flashed through our mind, however, we decided to go for the $7.50 serving to understand why it commands at this price and if worth the value. The broth was slight milky white not by adding milk but the intense seasoning and boiling of the stock. Four of us love it with our first sip, the sweetness and freshness of the seafood completely infused into the broth and win our hearts over instantly, the three prawns were very fresh and tenderness of the dory fish were tantalizing. The seafood was good but the real McCoy of the bowl of the seafood soup was the chunks of minced meat, perfectly seasoned and packed of flavour, we bet you hope to have more.

A.S. Seafood soup 2

Love it so much that we made another trip few days later to explore the other dishes. This round we tried the pomfret seafood soup, crayfish seafood soup and the braised pig trotter.


Pomfret seafood soup $10.0

A.S. Seafood soup 6

Good serving of fresh pomfret with prawns and minced meat, the rich and robustness of the soup again never failed us, the taste is much similar to the seafood soup we ordered the last round. $10 bucks a bowl is not cheap but definitely worth for the quality, we scooped up to the last drop of the soup to ensure no wastage of the soup.

A.S. Seafood soup 7


Crayfish seafood soup $10.0 / @12.0

A.S. Seafood soup 5

Besides the usual prawns, minced meat and fish slices, you get another crayfish in the broth, the additional crayfish somehow changed the taste of the broth slightly, the seafood flavour was more distinct. Among the three seafood soup we tried, our preference is still with the seafood soup and pomfret seafood soup.

A.S. Seafood soup 7


Braised Pig Trotter $7.0

A.S. Seafood soup 9

A.S. Seafood soup does offer braised pig trotter as well, the half braised pig trotter was nice but could be more flavourful and tender.

A.S. Seafood soup 8

Our verdict, it is not easy to find a good bowl of seafood soup, though the price may be a little steep to many, but honestly speaking, the quality and the great fulfillment from the taste are far outweigh the price you paid for it.

There is no more hassle of traveling to Woodland to meet our craving for the seafood soup now, we are happy with A.S. Seafood Soup, right here in Bedok.
A.S. Seafood Soup

Add: Blk 412, Bedok North Ave 2, Singapore 460412  (LAST DAY OPERATION ON 27 JUN 2015)

Add: Depot Heights Shopping Centre, 108 Depot Road #02-22, Singapore 100108 (STARTS OPEATION ON 7 JULY 2015)

Tel: 83987155 / 93627378

Hrs: Daily 11am – 9 pm



  1. Pig trotter and pomfret seafood soup are delicious. Just to feedback on customer service, why do i have to pay upfront before the food is served whereas the other customers pay upon the food is served?


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