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9 Goubuli @ Singapore Marina Bay Sands 狗不理包子

 9 Goubuli @ Singapore Marina Bay Sands 狗不理包子

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Goubuli baozi (狗不理包子) literally means “the dog not give it a damn” in English, a name hardly can one makes the connection with a reputable food popular in Tianjin China and now a well known buns prevalent in many parts of the mainland China.

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The original restaurant was opened in 1858 in TianJin China, the man behind the shop started the business with his tantalizing buns that even the Empress was deeply impressed, the business was so overwhelming to the point the boss had to ignore whoever approached him in order to make more buns, the arrogance and boastful attitude annoyed the public and everyone started associating him in a relegate manner describing him with a conceited pet.

After more than a century, Goubuli has found it ways into Singapore, setting up first restaurant and introducing the famous buns here.

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Chefs from TianJin showed us the skill of wrapping the buns to proof the authenticity of the origin.


9 Guobuli baozi

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We managed to try all the three types of buns with different fillings. Meat and Vegetables ($2.60), the Wagyu beef ($3.50), vegetable ($1.90) fillings, the beef and vegetables filling were the most delectable and flavourful amongst the three varieties, the bun skin was soft and fluffy; however, we wish the fillings can be more compact to fully enjoy the goodness of the buns.

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Meat and Vegetables ($2.60)

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vegetable bun ($1.90)

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Wagyu beef ($3.50)

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Braised Fish Maw in Superior Soup $18 – Highly recommended!

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Thick and gelatine filled fish maw was cooked with the incredibly savoury broth accentuated by the braised duck essence, chicken essence and carrot sweetness. The hotpot kept the broth piping hot and the coriander leave simply elevated the overall taste by a notch. It is a dish deserves a big thumb up by all of us.

Dan Dan Noodle (Sampling not actual serving size)

 9goubuli 10

This is a must try dish when you dine in here, distinctive charred flavoured noodle infused with all the seafood goodness and great seasoning prepared by the chef from LanZhou China.

Dan Dan Noodle (Seafood) $33.0 – Highly recommended!

 9goubuli 15

In our second visit few days later, we have to make repeated order just to satisfy our gastronomic needs, this is because my son alone wolfed down one full plate on his own!

Dan Dan Noodle (Shredded pork) $27.0

We tried different ingredients but the one with seafood tasted the best.

Cold dish appetizer (Sampling not actual serving size)

 9goubuli 6

Consist of Black fungal, pork terrine and saliva chicken. Yes, saliva chicken, sound gross but this is one of the popular local staple food prevalent in Sichuan, named Saliva chicken for its complex seasoning and the ability to appreciate the piquant layers of tastes from sweet, spicy, fragrance to slight numbness of the tongue, the tenderness of the chicken fully infused with multi-layers flavour and is salivating after eating this dish.

Pork Terrine $10

9goubuli 20

A dish is fairly similar to the Teochew pork knuckle jelly, a cold dish packed with collagen. Dip into the vinegar and sauce for the flavour, the crunchiness and mouth feel was great.

Fried Diced Chicken with Chinese Red Peppers $20 (S), $30 (M) –Highly recommended!

 9goubuli 9

Heavenly diced chicken deep fried with chili, Sichuan pepper, ginger and peanut, crisp skin and extremely tender meat that fully absorbed the seasoning, you can’t stop eating and we can see many pairs of chopstick sweeping thru the ingredients to pick up every little chuck of the chicken bit that buried under the chili and peanut mix.

9goubuli 22

However, the slight numbness from the Sichuan pepper was an enjoyment to some but unpleasant to those uncomfortable with the strange sensation feeling on the tongue.

Szechuan Style Fish Slices in Chili $22 (S), $33 (M) (Sampling not actual serving size)
9goubuli 8

The discernible layer of chili oil floating on the water boiled cod fish could be a deterrent to those fearful of the red hot chili. Do prepare to enjoy the numbness on the tongue. However, the Cod fish was perfect and of course, we left the bowl of chili oil behind.

Chocolate Banana filo Spring Roll with dark chocolate $14

 9goubuli 11

Banana wrapped in a paper thin spring roll complemented well with the coconut ice cream.

Steamed xiao long bao $8.50

 9goubuli 16

You can feel the juices rocking in the wrap, though the seasoning could be more flavouful.

 9goubuli 17

Peking Roasted Duck with Wrap $45 (Half), $90 (Whole) 

 9goubuli 12

Prized for its thin, crispy and fragrance packed roasted skin, eaten together with scallion, cucumber and sweet bean sauce and wrapped in the flour skin. It is always a dish well love by all.

9goubuli 18

The balanced duck meat was cooked with beansprouts and ginger, the roasted duck was tender and savory, not bad after all.

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Fried String Beans with Minced Meat $18 (S), $27 (M) 

 9goubuli 21

We like the minced meat more than the bean, though the french bean was crunchy but the seasoning was at the mild side.

Pan Fried Buns with Pork Stuffing, 3 for $6.00

 9goubuli 14

Most of the buns here were a little dry and missing the juiciness, the contain could be more packed to give the buns the feeling of compactness and fullness.

Our verdict:

9 Guobuli may be specialised in the baozi but somehow we prefer the cooked dishes more than the buns in our opinion. The succulent Dan Dan Noodles, Fried Diced Chicken in Chili to the Braised Fish Maw in Superior Soup are enthralling and awesome. We like the dishes for it well balanced in the seasoning, not too heavy in sweetness or saltiness (ok..a little numbness) and truly a comfort food that most of us find it alluring.

Thanks Wani and Christy for the invitation.

9 Goubuli

Add: Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands, Canal Level B2-02-04, 2 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018792

Tel: 6688 7799

Hrs: 11am – 11pm Daily


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