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805 Seafood Kitchen Review

805 Seafood Kitchen: Get It Fresh!

I don’t always get the pleasure of enjoying seafood. Most of the time, they’re not always as fresh as people expect. It took a few recommendations to get to this amazing restaurant – but glad it came anyway. 805 Seafood Kitchen – they do not only serve a fresh menu, they serve it deliciously!

805 Seafood Kitchen is a simple place – you can sit and dine wherever you like. And, it’s open, so you can indulge in fresh, open air. It’s not fancy with the place, but their food presentation and preparation is an entirely different story.

The 805 Seafood Kitchen dishes are worth more than what you pay for. To be honest, it doesn’t look tasty sometimes. I thought it would be bland or tasteless at some point, but my first bite of the prawns was just the start of proving me wrong. They really do have a generous amount, and you do not always get that from most seafood restaurants.

To be honest, it was my first time to eat at 805 Seafood Kitchen. I wouldn’t judge a place by its simplicity. In my opinion, the humblest food places serve one of the best food. And, being a food enthusiast, food matters the most to me. How it tastes, how it is prepared, how unique certain tastes are. If the dish pleases me, it’s good enough for me. 805 Seafood Kitchen clearly exceeded my expectations.

I thought the food would be normal, nothing to be really mind blown about. But, all it has to do is make you take that first bite – and you’re hooked! The best thing about 805 Seafood Kitchen is that they somehow keep all that sea flavor in their dishes, and that’s what most people love about eating seafood.

For reservations, you can head personally to 805 Seafood Kitchen at Hougang Central, #01-116 Block 805, Singapore. If you can’t, you can call it in at +65-6385-1530. Or, you can book on their 805 Seafood Kitchen website.

805 Seafood Kitchen

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On my first visit to the 805 Seafood Kitchen, I’ve tried some recommended food from friends and family. It always starts that way – you become very anxious when ordering from the menu, and maybe, I was even a bit wary of the choices. 

I don’t always get the chance to eat seafood, and when I do, they often end up disappointing. They would look really appetizing and end up being bland and not fresh at all. But, 805 Seafood Kitchen is a place you should try out! If they changed my mind, you’re about to have a change of heart, too!

805 Seafood Kitchen
Image From 805 Seafood Kitchen, Facebook

The 805 Seafood Kitchen Menu

Their Chilli Crab (starts at S$48.00) is amazingly prepared with just the right amount of spices. The garlic and chilli infused dish is not too overwhelming, while the crab is prepared just enough to have its flavor mix with its condiments. The crab meat totally absorbed the seasoning without breaking apart.

When eating crabs, I don’t always like it when the meat goes all over the place. It’s like missing your favorite part of the dish. This is why I love how the meat is still intact in its hard shell, while having that flavorful texture.

We had the Crayfish (S$15.00) prepared with salted eggs since we already ordered the Chilli Crab. Since I grew up with salted eggs, it’s something that I would always love in traditional dishes. And, the preparation was very neutral – the salted eggs and crayfish didn’t have their flavors and aromas overpowering each other.

The crayfish was cooked just right, it was a heavenly experience! Plenty of people love seafood, but the best thing about the experience so far is that this is the kind of bliss that seafood is made for! Fresh, classic but unique preparations – the crayfish is on top of my list right now.

Last, but not the list of my top 3 dishes with 805 Seafood Kitchen is the Black Pepper Beef (S$14.00). I didn’t really dig in deep with the meat menu, because I had a lot of flavors going on with the seafood.

I, personally, do not just let go of a chance to check out the meaty menu of the restaurants I go to – even if they do specialize in seafood.

There’s nothing really mind-blowing about the Black Pepper Beef, but it also isn’t the same as all the other traditional Black Pepper Beef dishes. It still has that distinct taste that you will only get from 805 Seafood Kitchen. And, the dish isn’t even bad, to begin with. I enjoyed it very much.

Other sides we ordered are the Broccoli Scallops (S$18.00) and the Fried Sambal Kang Kong (S$7.00). They were equally as fresh and tasty as my top 3, and I personally think everyone enjoyed what we ate – good food at affordable prices is hard to come by.

In experiencing the amazing dishes at 805 Seafood Kitchen, I am sure this will be one of my go-tos when I am in the area. It might even come first to mind when I think of Seafood!

805 Seafood Kitchen is an amazing restaurant if you want to catch the fresh seafood you’ve been craving for! They have a great way of preparing the food in everyone’s favorite traditional styles.

805 Seafood Kitchen
Image From 805 Seafood Kitchen, Facebook

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