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8 Korean BBQ Review

What’s at 8 Korean BBQ?

8 Korean BBQ was a great adventure in my food explorations – especially that it specializes with rich Hungarian pig meat. If you have been to some of my blogs, you will see that I have loved meat for a while now.

8 Korean BBQ is not The Count of Monte Cristo – but, it is a soulful John Wick; if you get my reference. Kidding aside, what I mean to say, it’s not the best, but it’s not a bad place to eat either.

I find myself dining here after a few drinks and a night out with friends. 8 Korean BBQ would be the best place to just eat and enjoy plenty of food. The ambience also reeks of delicious food and hungry people, just waiting to devour on the rich flavors of the meat.

You can find 8 Korean BBQ at the Shaw Centre of Scotts Road or at Clarke Quay.

Well, let’s be honest. Their interiors isn’t stunningly breath-taking, but it will have to do. It’s not ugly at all. And, once you’re there, you’ll see how clean and well-decorated their restaurants are.

8 Korean BBQ
Image From 8 Korean BBQ, Google

Thinking about it, the interior of 8 Korean BBQ does remind me of an industrial pub in Northen Europe. It’s a good change of scenery! What do you think?

Now, what’s to know about their menu? Well, there’s the meat and the side flavors.

8 Korean BBQ is famous for the Mangalitza Pork Belly cuts in a really appetizing setting for the starving individual. One of the best part of this is how you can watch it being cooked in front of you while you sit back and relax at your table.

The 8 Korean BBQ Food and Services

Being a frequent visitor of 8 Korean BBQ, I can’t really tell if I have a favorite or not. Basically, I think I have preferences for my different moods – and, my taste buds, too.

There are eight (8) flavors to choose for the meat of your choice. There’s wine, original, ginseng, garlic, herb, curry, miso paste, and red pepper paste. They all, respectively, have really promising health benefits that will serve you well. 

To get all 8 flavors, there is a set at S$98.00. It’s really worth it because you do not just get the 8 flavors of meat, you also get their Seafood Stew, vegetables, kimchi and bean sprouts.

If you think 8 flavors is too much, you can get 4 flavors for only S$58.00. It also comes with the Seafood Stew, the kimchi and bean sprouts and other vegetables.

8 Korean BBQ
Image From 8 Korean BBQ, Google

Some grills would prefer to have their side dishes not on the grill. 8 Korean BBQ puts the kimchi and the bean sprout together with the cuts on the hot plate to keep it hot as well.

Another mentionable dish is the Seafood Stew (S$18.00). It goes well with the 8 flavored meats. Sometimes, I wish it was already prepared so when I take a seat, I could just plop everything into my mouth.

8 Korean BBQ
Image From 8 Korean BBQ, Google

When you dine at 8 Korean BBQ, make sure you do not miss out on the Seafood Pancake (S$20.00). This pancake is one of the best I’ve tasted in the food industry of Singapore, and we all know how rich the food industry is here.

It’s always a pleasure to eat great food houses, and while I say 8 Korean BBQ is not the best – it’s definitely not anywhere near the bottom of my list. While I’ve tried all the flavors of meat, I have not really explored the other viands on the list – and I intend to explore everything, one by one. Slowly, but I will.

I liked how 8 Korean BBQ staff would keep everyone company despite the crowd at certain times of the day. Surprisingly, I’ve never felt mishandled or underserved at this restaurant. I’d always go in smiling and come out smiling with a bigger stomach.

You can actually book reservations at 8 Korean BBQ. Their last call for orders are at 9.00 PM daily, so if you plan to dine and enjoy, keep in mind the ticking clock.

Thanks for staying long enough to know about my 8 Korean BBQ experience. If you have suggestions for a new place to try out, let me know! If you think I should have tried something specifically at this restaurant, what do you think it is?

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