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7th Heaven KTV & Cafe Review

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe is my personal wonderland of friends and fun! Are you ready for the details? Do not stop reading, then!

My friends and I love hanging out, especially when it’s been a tough week. Some days, work. Some days, school. Some days, being an adult can be tiring. So, it’s normal for us to find a place to eat and just unwind and chill.

This one instance, though, it was not just a tough week at work or school. Nope, not at all! One of my friends needed a distraction because he was facing something no one can actually help with – all we could do was cheer him up.

So, the casual dinners and chilling won’t do the trick. We just needed something else.

So, we found ourselves on our way to 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe.

How? It was a random recommendation from someone reading out where we could all hangout for a change. It was probably the best decision we ever made that day.

Where Do You Find 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe?

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe is located on the 3 level of SAFRA, Tampines Street. It’s not really hard to find.

I’ve never really been to 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe before, but the moment I stepped in, I just loved the place. I felt… comfortable. And, that’s definitely not something you get for going to places – and, they usually rip you off your bucks if you do find comfort!

One notable thing about 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe is how much their lighting doesn’t make my head spin. It’s a hassle when my migraines start because the lights are too bright, too overwhelming or the lights move too much.

The place reminded me of a friend’s house where you all just gather in the living room, drink and play games all afternoon. Only this place is a bit classier – but, regardless of that, it still felt like home somehow.

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe
Image From 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

Another good thing is how the lights are not directly projected at a person, but at subject of attention like the drinks, the television screen or the counter.

The staff were nice and accommodating as we entered. It was not too crowded, but considering it was a Friday, we thought it would be hard to find a table or a KTV room for us. I guess, we were just early.

At first, we were all wondering what we came for. Once we took in where we were, we ordered food and decided to have fun and sing the night away. The staff assisted us with our inquiries and concerns until we were given a room for the singing sessions.

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe
Image From 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

Rates at 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

The rates at 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe for their KTV rooms would depend on how many you are, how long you will be staying and if your group would extend or not.

Basically, we chose to stay for their 3 hours because we were a lot, and it was better to be sure everyone gets to enjoy themselves, especially our one friend who needed the extra fun. So, a room for 7 to 10 people at S$ 250.00 is affordable. And, the place was really spacious. Everyone could freely move around the room.

It was also properly lit.

One of the reasons that made everything easy to arrange is the hospitality of the boss, Jamie. He was very friendly and accommodating, it took us no time to get everything settled.

There are rooms at 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe that can also accommodate up to twenty (20) people. If you need more room, I’m sure Jamie will be there to answer all your questions regarding bookings and parties. He might even have amazing offers and promos to assist you with your needs!

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe
Image From 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

There are also rates for KTV rooms where the charge is per person. It could come in handy if there are more friends who will be joining later during the gathering. The hour rates per person starts at S$ 6.00. Here are the rates for the KTV rooms at 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe for better judgment for your budgets.

Image From 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

Now, here’s a personal favorite among topics – food! Well, while I do love food a lot, there are moments when I do not find myself craving for fine cuisine. With my friend needing our company, I think the food is supposed to be the least of my worries.

But, even the food at 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe did not disappoint at all. Not at all!

The best thing about the food offered at 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe is they are my favorite comfort food! They are not junk food, no. They are well-prepared favorite dishes – just what you want when you are going through something and you just want to let loose and enjoy your time!

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe
Image From 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe offers great food and treats. We got Garlicky Honey Paprika Wings (11.90), Truffle Fries (S$10.90) and Nacho Cheese Potato Wedges (S$9.90) for our starters. Other wanted more so we had to take in 2 pizzas; the Meat Lovers Pizza (S$19.90) and Salted Egg Prawn Pizza (S$21.90).

The Food at 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe

As a personal lover of garlicky food, the Garlicky Honey Paprika Wings was amazing! It was really flavorful! Okay, maybe a little too sweet because of the glaze but because of the garlic, the dish was neutralized and controlled in terms of flavor.

The perfection among the fries lies with the potato wedges in nacho cheese. Potato wedges? Best! With nacho cheese? I’m a goner!

Before I conclude my food recommendations, I have to say my favorite. Are you ready?

The BBQ Pork Ribs at 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe. Need I say more?

The meat was amazing! It was tender and it had just the right flavor – a burst! The flavor wasn’t overwhelming, the meat wasn’t rubbery, and the fries were just how I love them!

Typing this, my taste buds just reminisced down the flavorful lane of 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe. You can check out their menu here.

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe was all that I expected and more – thank you for not disappointing me!

Before I leave you to the verdict, please, remember to check out their student discounts when you head there. 7th Heaven KTV & Cafe offers almost a 50% discount on their KTV rooms – don’t miss out on the fun!. You can make a reservation here. 

7th Heaven KTV & Cafe are open at 3.00 PM till 1.00 AM on weekdays except on Fridays – and until 3.00 AM on Fridays and weekends! +65-6538-0312 is the number to call – you’re welcome!


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