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63 Celsius Review

Have You Been to 63 Celsius?

Have you dined in a place where you can find everything you need? Breakfast or lunch – no problem! Dinner? Bar? Coffee? You’ll find all this here – 63 Celsius!

63 Celsius is a restaurant, a bar, and also an amazing coffee house when you just need that shot of coffee!

You can find 63 Celsius at the Tower 2 or Asia Square at Marina View or Paragon.

I first found this place alone, when I was at a point in my life when I was just really unproductive, I couldn’t recognize myself. I was simply looking for a place to dine and have a couple of drinks, minus the occasional noise of the bass and beats. So, my research brought me here.

Thinking about it, 63 Celsius is a nice place to dine with family and friends. It has a very warm and relaxed feel to the place. The ambience is not too noisy or crowded or bothersome. I usually drop by after work, and stay for a couple of hours, and it’s a nice time to spend alone.

63 Celsius
Image From 63 Celsius

The servers are always busy. And, when they’re not, they always find time to chat with the customers. It’s a good start to conversations, especially if you’re actually having a few rough days. The place is one of my stress-relievers. 

Food, drinks – all is good! It’s definitely a great place for after-work drinks on a chill Friday or Saturday night. You’d agree with me when you head there yourself.

So, what food can we find here at 63 Celsius?

63 Celsius
Image From 63 Celsius

The Deets on the Cuisine

The cuisine theme at 63 Celsius is a diverse mix of Italian, Spanish, South American, Modern Asian and Modern European.

Here, you can find a wide range of dishes. From seafood to your favorite fast food picks of steak and chips. They also have plenty of pasta dishes for both vegetarians and meat lovers. You really do have more than 20 choices to choose from.

Since we cannot explore each and every one of them, let’s start with my favorites, yes?

63 Celsius
Image From 63 Celsius

I love their Crispy Pork Bell (S$13.00)… yes! I am guilty – it is because of the best part of the pork. It’s just so tasty and juicy when it is being eaten. The best part of this dish is that it is not overwhelmed with flavors – and you can only focus on the important flavors… The pork, the garlicky chili taste and the pickles. 

The thing about some restaurants is that their flavors are overwhelming, these flavors tend to overlap one another and you can no longer taste the flavor you wanted in the first place – the cripsy pork. This is why I like how simple the dish is prepared.

63 Celsius
Image From 63 Celsius

Usually, I would go for the Mushroom Pasta. But, I think you all have had enough of my weird taste with mushroom pastas. So, let me recommend something else, yes?

It’s about time I tell you of one of the commendable pastas I have ever had in my life – the Wagyu Beef Bolognese (S$18.00)! If you have realized from all my blogs, I do love meat. I would sacrifice what makes me Asian – rice, but not meat. Meat just has to be had when I go to a restaurant.

I felt like a child again when I tried their Wagyu Beef pasta. It reminds me so much of how I love pasta when I was young.

What Else Does 63 Celsius Have to Offer?

63 Celsius
Image From 63 Celsius, Google

Well, besides their main dishes, you can also get some chunks beside you at the bar. They have bites of many kinds.. You can order the truffle fries (S$15.00), their really good Josper grilled Hokkaido squid (S$18.00) or everyone’s personal favorite deep-fried chicken wings (S$15.00).

So, what’s a bar without everyone’s favorite drinks?

Image From 63 Celsius, Google

They have Le Poggere 2016 at S$11.00 a glass. If you prefer white wine, you can try the Kapuka Sauvignon Blanc at the same price. To be honest, I haven’t tried either of them. I think, the only time I drink wines is at weddings, when I am trying to sleep or when I am given wine as a gift on my birthday or when it’s the holidays.

I, on the other hand, have drank Japanese whiskey and sake, vodka, gin and tequila and all the other liquor you can think about if you just want to unwind.

But, sadly, not at 63 Celsius.

What I have tried, and is the only drink I have tried at 63 Celsius, is the Sherry Oak Macallan (S$28.00), at least three or four glasses. Like I said, it’s a time to unwind after work and sometimes, just enjoy your own company when it matters.

I hope you enjoyed catching up with me on this blog! Have you been to 63 Celsius? Let me know what you think!

You can make reservation for Asia Square here or Paragon here


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