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4 Best HDB Coffeeshops to Get Your Western Food Fix

Western Food

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4 Best HDB Coffeeshops to Get Your Western Food Fix

Western Food

There’s nothing quite as satisfying as strolling into your local HDB coffeeshop and getting in queue for your usual slab of deep-fried chicken chop, with crinkle cut fries, baked beans and coleslaw thrown in. Call it your regular “Western food fix” with drizzles of your favourite sauces – a notch better than fast food, homely, affordable and very, very Singaporean.
“Western food”, as we term it, has become a mainstay in our local culture and no coffeeshop is really complete without it. In a coffeeshop saturated with mainly local Chinese food, the Western food stall typically stands out with its sizzling hot meats on the grill and in the fryers, drawing the usual bystanders watching behind the transparent glass shields waiting for their chance to dig into something crispy, hot and delicious.
Kopitiam Western food is, in fact, western food done how WE like it. Local hawkers have selected the best of western delights: grilled chicken, fish and chips, spaghetti and weaved together unique local offerings that continually tickle our Asian palettes and satisfy our Western appetites all at the same time.
Where else in the world can you find such an amalgamation of east meets west in the form of black pepper chicken chop, sambal grilled fish, curry spaghetti, salted egg chicken wings around your neighborhood vicinity? And all for a fraction of the price?
Our western food joints in Singapore have stepped up their game to win our hearts, bellies and our wallets with even more dazzlingly diverse western food options. Here, we reveal the best-kept secret list of our favourite Kopitiam Western food stalls that you do NOT want to miss…

#1 Hot Plate Western Food

Hot Plate Western Food

Photo by Sethlui

This Taiwanese-style cum Singapore western food stall serves out Taiwanese-inspired western food like signature Taiwanese fried chicken cutlet. For those who want a change or a less oily choice, Pork Chop ($5.50!!) is a good alternative.
The pork chop was seasoned nicely, was succulent and running with tasty juices. The accompanied drizzle of delectable sauce made this sizzling plate pack in all the right punches. Hugely satisfying.
P.S. Almost always a line during lunch hour. Plan ahead or go off-peak.
Hot Plate Western Food: Tiong Bahru Market, #02-54, 30 Seng Poh Road, Singapore 168898

#2 Vie Bistro Bukit Batok

Vie Bistro Bukit Batok

Photo by Vie Bistro Bukit Batok Facebook

This western food joint sells surprisingly good Salmon Steak ($9.90) paired with a fragrant buttery garlic sauce. The sides were slightly charred though not overcooked and the meat was juicy, not dry.
The presentation was stellar for a simple kopitiam western food place. It might appear a tad too expensive for kopitiam food but given that you’re having salmon, it’s a pretty decent deal. For more bang on the budget, try their Chicken Chop at $6.50 and their affordable pasta.
Vie Bistro: Blk 155, Bukit Batok St 11, #01-322, Lee Soon Food Court Stall No 2, Singapore 650155 | Tel: 8514 4792 |Website

#3 Mi Casa

Mi Casa

Photo by Mi Casa

Mi Casa is a jewel on the block with its quasi- European fare. Their Spanish paella is a good imitation of the real thing with its combination of smokey, herby and tangy flavours melded into a flavourful rice dish. A good-enough take on the Spanish staple in the HDB heartlands.
P.S Some trivia: The chef at Mi Casa graduated from a culinary school in France and worked in Singapore’s hotel kitchens.
Mi Casa: 102C Jalan Jurong Kechil, Singapore 598602

#4 Deli & Grill

Deli & Grill

Photo by Sethlui

Deli & Grill is not your run of the mill kind of western food hawker. Their menu is gobsmackingly impressive with items like smoked duck, bratwursts, curry pasta, and sambal mussels. If you are looking for something as different yet familiar as Bratwurst Fried Rice, then give this place a go.
The Fish & Chips ($5) is notably thin skinned with not too much batter. Smoked duck ($8.90) was a treat to see in the heartlands and could be balanced further with a tart salad to cut through the intense smokey flavour.
Deli & Grill: 115 Bukit Merah View Market and Hawker Centre, #01-15, Singapore 150115
iEat&Eat Team

iEat&Eat Team

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