5 Best Local Pig’s Organ Soup To Warm our Bellies

5 Best Local Pig's Organ Soup

15 Best Local Pig’s Organ Soup To Warm our Bellies

5 Best Local Pig's Organ Soup

Hailing from the Teochew province, Pig’s organ soup or what is locally known as “zhu zha tang 猪什汤” is the quintessential comfort soup that warms not only our innards, but also our hearts. Images of this soup hearken memories of an era past, where good soups were not only nutritional but economical–making the most of every part of the animal.
It is also reminiscent of a time where soups were lovingly brewed. Making the soup, for instance, is sheer heart work (pun intended). First, the thorough cleaning of the offal to rid it of its pungent smell is not for the squeamish and faint-hearted.
Next, the gruelling hours of patient boiling over the stove to yield a cloyingly-rich pork bone broth with the immersed flavours of pickled mustard vegetables. Waiting is a feat in itself. But good things come to those who wait. The spicy hit of the peppercorns explode into our senses and is a satisfying reward. The soup is sweet and delightful and the wonderful marriage of flavours–heavenly.
Here are some of our best picks for savoring this 5 best local pig’s organ soup