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4+U Bar+Kitchen Review

4+U Bar+Kitchen: Bringing Everyone Together

4+U Bar+Kitchen is one of the best go-to for Italian favorites. To be honest, it’s actually one of my personal stress-relieving places. And, by that, I mean it’s a place I’ve been to more than two times!

As a person who works in front of a screen almost all day, it’s pretty easy to catch migraines. 4+U Bar+Kitchen is one of the places that do not over-decorate the restaurant with lights. That is why coming to this restaurant makes it easier for me – it’s a very comfortable place, they have a good ambience, and their menu is perfect for groups of loved ones.

Their servings are very generous. It’s places like 4+U Bar+Kitchen that I love dining out with my family. And, almost all of us are food enthusiasts! The atmosphere 4+U Bar+Kitchen may be busy sometimes, but it’s not too frustrating that you can’t talk to each other without shouting.

4+U Bar+Kitchen
Image From 4+U Bar+Kitchen

Aside from the amazing serving sizes, their prices aren’t expensive at all. You may even say yourself that the food is worth more than what you’re paying for.

There are instances at 4+U Bar+Kitchen that I think I get bad customer service, but it’s very subtle that I don’t really mind. They are small details, especially when the place is packed. There were instances when the host forgot to give us the menu after getting us to our table. Sometimes, reservations were mixed up. Rest assured, 4+U Bar+Kitchen always tries their best to make it up to you through your overall experience in the restaurant.

You can find 4+U Bar+Kitchen at 4 Kim Tian Road, Singapore – yes, one of the best locations for all the gastronomes!

Make sure you keep reading to catch their menu. Trust me, you will not regret your visit to 4+U Bar+Kitchen!

4+U Bar+Kitchen

4 Kim Tian Road, Singapore 169245

Phone Number:


4+U Bar+Kitchen
Image From 4+U Bar+Kitchen

The 4+U Bar+Kitchen Menu

The menu at 4+U Bar+Kitchen is definitely one of the menus I’ve enjoyed the most. A part of this happiness is that there’s meat. While I am an all-around person, I love when the menu has different flavors for me to enjoy.

Pork Ragu (S$16.00) is a spaghetti dish with pork ragu just filling in the taste with its flavors. I can taste the amazing tomato sauce, the delicious pork flavor and seasoning that is all just right. I do not miss out on pasta when it’s on the menu – partly because it’s just one of the simplest dishes that can really satisfy your taste buds no matter how it’s prepared.

On the platter for sharing, Chef Roast Chicken (S$28.00) takes my number one spot! Why, you ask? If you’ve been on to some of my blogs, you would know how much I love chicken, and its flavorful meat.

Now, the challenge to every roast dish is how to prepare chicken with flavors people love. 4+U Bar+Kitchen prepared the Chef Roast Chicken well, I must say. The reason it takes my top spot is because the chicken was juicy and cooked all the way to its core, without actually making the chicken’s meat tasteless.

Now, when the chicken isn’t cooked well enough even when it looks like it, you would know. With 4+U Bar+Kitchen, it’s an amazing preparation of seasoning that the chicken’s own flavor just blended well with it.

The Sausage Platter (S$23.00) was very generous with some tasty sausages. The sides 4+U Bar+Kitchen included in the platter was a good compliment for the intendedly shared combination; there were onion rings, some gherkin and mustard.

There are an assorted flavors of sausages on the platter, and you would love every single bite!

The Beef Lasagna (S$17.00) was wonderfully prepared, and the bechamel was just amazingly creamy to my liking. 4+U Bar+Kitchen just reminded me how much I love a good lasagna dish – the creamy bechamel against the tomato lasagna sauce. That mix of the two is just heavenly, and then you chew on the nice minced beef – they have a great way of preparing it.

One of everyone’s favorite pasta is the Cheeky Beef (S$18.00), where the meat is just amazingly prepared by the chefs. The tenderness, the chunkiness and the juiciness of the beef cheeks just make the aglio olio a brilliant pair for it.

4+U Bar+Kitchen
Image From 4+U Bar+Kitchen

I never pass on trying dishes I know can be difficult to prepare, because I love knowing how the chefs would come up with their own ways to overcome certain challenges. Beef is a tough meat to prepare, but all it takes is the knowledge to know its weak spots. 4+U Bar+Kitchen definitely knows!

4+U Bar+Kitchen made a wonderful job at coming up with a wholesome menu, and they really do know their recipes. Consistency is something that some places lack, being stagnant is also a challenge. 4+U Bar+Kitchen has so much potential in their preparation of food, I hope they keep the menu quality high.

Where do you think is my next target after 4+U Bar+Kitchen? Let me know your guesses! Stay tuned to I Eat & Eat!


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