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49 Seats Review

49 Seats, Please!

I admit my guilt. I am just human. I am a weakling when it comes to the Cheese Fries of 49 Seats!

Like everyone else, we have weaknesses. These weaknesses are not necessarily bad, and people who find out about it might just say the same… Until it’s their weakness as well. Wait till you get a bite of 49 Seats – you will know what weakness is all about, and you can’t say know.

Let me tell you something about 49 Seats.

49 Seats
Image From 49 Seats, Facebook


49 Seats is located at The Centrepoint of the Orchard Road in Singapore. And, they will have your taste buds in an uproar when you find out what their cuisine is – a fusion of western!

They keep it pretty casual, but do not be calm just yet. They are one of the pioneering food hubs that serve Tom Yum Pasta. So, yes – you’re welcome, I told you where they are located. And, you will not regret a single visit!

They have fused a great side of western cuisine to the dynamic asian flavors, and it’s something that everyone definitely loves coming back to.

The best part of the place is that it’s suitable for everyone. You can enjoy the food with family and friends – it’s a good place to appreciate favorites. They have finger food everyone can enjoy, to servings to indulge in like main courses of beef, chicken and fish. 49 Seats also have pastas, sandwiches and add-ons you might want to further indulge in to enhance your orders.

49 Seats is the Westeros of Popular Favorites!

49 Seats
Image From 49 Seats, Google

My personal favorite from 49 Seats is their Cheese Fries. I just love how much the cheese just expands when you get a piece of fry. This scene, alone, in my head is making me want to head there now and get myself an order or two.

So the Cheese Fries (S$7.90) is served as a bowl filled with fries, with a lot of cheese and spring onions on top. And, it is served crispy and fresh from the stove. I wouldn’t want my fries served any other way.

Allow me to share this thought… How can people possibly get sick of cheese on fries? I do not see how people could. I definitely haven’t!

Let’s move forward!

49 Seats
Image From 49 Seats, Facebook

They have finger food like the Fish Bites which also fits my preferences just right. The soft fish and the crispy exterior – how else is fish fillet supposed to be prepared?

They have Fish and Chips that are just perfect with the choices of dips you would like; Tom Yum sauce and Al Scampi sauce. If your ears just went ringing to the words “Tom Yum” – congratulations! They have Tom Yum seafood pasta and it will just make you want more food, because they have a generous serving, ready to satisfy your Tom Yum craving.

If you feel like trying something other than what I have mentioned, my closest friend’s favorite lies in the chops. What chops, you ask?

There are variants of Chicken Chop (S$13.90) and Cheesy Chicken Chop (S$16.90). These are good dishes if you like a full flavor of chicken, some vegetables and a little portion of pasta carbohydrates. It would also depend entirely on the dressing of the whole dish, whichever you may prefer.

The Dining Experience of 49 Seats

When I first walked into the restaurant, my first thought was – “whoa, why didn’t anyone else think of this?”

Well, here’s why I am wondering why.

49 Seats
Image From 49 Seats, Facebook

It is surprisingly new to my eyes, and it’s perfect for the industrial and commercial look. Another thing, it suits how the foods are prepared at 49 Seats. Let’s face it, all the serving spoons and the pots and pans are not a very mind-blowing interior design idea – but, come on, it’s still a genius idea!

It makes me feel the time we are in now, the modern and industrial times. And, to be honest, I’ve never complained about how a place looks. I have always been very keen on clean and only clean. Food is important to me, so should cleanliness be. And, 49 Seats is super clean and presentable with their restaurant.

I just have to address this, too – no, 49 Seats do not just have 49 seats. They may have had that count before, but they have expanded beyond that number and you all have no idea how happy I am about it. It means more space for everyone!

One minor, but very important, detail I love about the restaurant is how much they update their social media. Almost all of us are on the internet, so it’s good that they keep their Instagram updated.

Stay tuned to their promotions and social media posts on Facebook as well:



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