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3O1 Bar & Kitchen Review

Feeling Cozy – at 3O1 Bar & Kitchen

You don’t always get the chance to be comfortable and still get amazing food and drinks at a bar, but that’s because you probably haven’t tried 3O1 Bar & Kitchen. There’s fresh air, there’s live football, good drink and good food and it’s such a chill place!

Let’s admit it. While a fine dining experience is bliss, it doesn’t always mean you are comfortable. There are times when I feel uncomfortable and uneasy when I am dining in fine place. There are times when I am also disappointed by the food. But, it’s a different experience with 301 Bar & Kitchen.

3O1 Bar & Kitchen has outdoor dining areas and you could have all the fresh air you need. They also have a TV display outside for everyone who just loves watching football, too. Believe me, when you’re watching with people who appreciate sports, everything and everyone seems to be on your good side.

301 Bar & Kitchen
Image From 301 Bar & Kitchen, Facebook

This is the head chef at 3O1 Bar & Kitchen, Chef Jecky. So, if you see him around, give him a good cheer for all the amazing food he has prepared for everyone. And, don’t forget to compliment the signage right behind him.

If you head north and drive your way to finding 3O1 Bar & Kitchen, the sign is really visible. There won’t be a reason why you won’t be able to find it. Just remember, the address is 301 Canberra Road, Singapore. You’ll thank me when you find how de-stressing being out of the busy city is.

I have always enjoyed drinking better at chill places; where people can actually talk and catch up with one another. I mean, is that not the whole point of meeting your friends? You need to unwind, de-stress and let go of all the worries you’ve been carrying on your back. Well, that and the latest sports update.

301 Bar & Kitchen
Image From Serene Anne, Google

I really think the outdoor bar makes 3O1 Bar & Kitchen my favorite go-to place when I just want to get away from all the bustling busy life in the metro.

My favorite time to go here is when it’s early in the eve, and everyone is just on the sports update, and you do meet a lot of people that can relate to your interests as well. I’ve met people who are kind and awesome, and they do share your hobbies sometimes.

What’s at 3O1 Bar & Kitchen?

3O1 Bar & Kitchen has an open-concept KTV that everyone gets to enjoy if the usual sports and films are getting too frequent for you. The best thing about the place is that they do accept event reservations and usually rent out the second floor of 3O1 Bar & Kitchen for your soirees.

Everyone at 3O1 Bar & Kitchen are really friendly and ready to serve you. There was never a time that I got bad service from anyone. Even the customers that go to 3O1 Bar & Kitchen are friendly and really approachable.

They have western and Asian cuisine just right for your tastebuds, and you can order their cuisine on Deliveroo.

3O1 Bar & Kitchen Sustenance

301 Bar & Kitchen
Image From 301 Bar & Kitchen, Facebook

3O1 Bar & Kitchen has one of the best variety of Western and Asian cuisine in one place. While their prices are not expensive, the quality and taste of the food they offer are not cheap. They really do know how to present a good dining experience for everyone!

They have amazing combos for people in a group of 5! And, it’s really worth every cent! I used to honestly think I could take it all by myself, but the moment they served it, I was really wrong. I also did not expect a generous amount in the servings I ordered.

They have the Huat Huat Yusheng (S$28.00) for more treats, and the Maximum Huat Combo (S$128.00) and 3O1 Prosperity Pen Cai (S$88.00). If you think it’s expensive, you will have to see it for yourself and taste it the moment you get your order, because you will realize how wrong you are.

301 Bar & Kitchen
Image From 301 Bar & Kitchen, Facebook

Now, do you have any idea how difficult it is to cook oxtail? Well, it’s not easy – especially considering how much you need to make sure you do not overcook it and keep it intact with just the right amount of tenderness. To remove the bad side of its meaty smell is also not easy. But the Braised Oxtail at 3O1 Bar & Kitchen is just heavenly!

The sauce is just right, not too salty or sweet – or, overwhelming. I thought the spices weren’t appropriate for the braised meat, but that’s the thing – when you are trying a new dish, don’t just taste the sauce for a quick inspection. You have to go all in!

So, the spices did compliment the meat well, and the sauce was surprisingly very juicy and immensely absorbed on the second layer of the meat. They really did take time in preparing the food they serve on guests’ tables.

301 Bar & Kitchen
Image From 301 Bar & Kitchen, Facebook

The 3O1 Mixed Topshell is a dish that I do not always find around Singapore, considering how difficult it is to properly prepare it. It’s the cleaning and the right mixtures of spices and other condiments that improve dish – and, so far, 3O1 Bar & Kitchen is right on track with this dish. Do not take me wrong, I am not saying it’s bad – it’s probably really just not my favorite dish. 

I am more of a meat and cheese person, remember?

Image From 301 Bar & Kitchen, Facebook

Kidding aside – here’s the meat!

Babi Pongteh is one of my favorite Asian preparations of meat. The perfect blend of shallots, garlic and coriander – then a hit of chili for more flavor. I would like to use the word tender, but the meat is something else. It just absorbs all the flavor it mixes with – and this is a dish I really applaud for at 3O1 Bar & Kitchen.

I could imagine stress-eating from work, on a Friday night – and, I would never miss an order of the Babi Pongteh at 3O1 Bar & Kitchen! It would be like being deprived of meat – or, food in general, for a week.

3O1 Bar & Kitchen has plenty of parking – please, do yourself a favor and head there and have a great time. Remember, 3O1 Bar & Kitchen extends their usual time of 5.00 PM – 11.PM when there are tournaments and events the 3O1 Bar & Kitchen loves, and would like to spend watching live with everyone else.

You can inquire for reservations or deliveries and caterings at +65-6755-9301 – the official 3O1 Bar & Kitchen number.

There are not many places I go to, but the ones I love, I always try my best to present on my blogs well. And, 3O1 Bar & Kitchen is one of the simplest, chillest but best places I’ve been to.

Thanks for keeping up with my experience at 3O1 Bar & Kitchen. Have you been to 3O1 Bar & Kitchen? What do you think? Make sure you let me know, I’d appreciate your insight!


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