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2am:dessertbar Review

Discovering the 2am:dessertbar

Today, we go on a new adventure of trying something other than what I usually love – it’s 2am:dessertbar!

So far, what we know of Janice Wong is that she’s been learning and training from different chefs all over the world to master what she’s accomplished with 2am:dessertbar now. She is also a worldly recognized chef for being awarded ASIA’S BEST PASTRY CHEF back in 2013 by San Pellegrino Asia Top 50.

Image From 2am:dessertbar

Now, we know we didn’t just try a classy and luxurious dessert bar, we also tried one of Asia’s best! I just had to know what I was trying. And, knowing it’s more on the sweet side, I invited friends who love the sweet side of food. I can’t really finish all the dessert now, can I? I just need a taste of everything.

Inviting my friends meant I could get better and more honest opinions on the dessert as well.

You can find 2am:dessertbar at 21A Lor Liput, Holland Village, Singapore. So, it took us some time to find the dessert bar.

Image From 2am:dessertbar

2am:dessertbar has a semi-industrial interior. I am not sure why, but it sort of reminds me of Japanese interior designs, too. But, the decorations are at a minimal, and your attention would usually fly over to the counters.

I was surprised to find out that almost all my friends have tried eating here. Because I always usually chase after meat and cheese based cuisine, I overlooked the place. I’ve heard about it in conversations here and there, but not until a friend told me to try it that I really planned to visit the dessert bar.

I’ve heard a few people talk about 2am:dessertbar. Some say it’s pricey, but all of them always say it’s worth it. The dessert at 2am:dessertbar are just the kinds you just don’t taste anywhere or everywhere you go. And, I strongly agree with that.

A Taste of 2am:dessertbar

There are a huge variety of desserts served at 2am:dessertbar. From sorbet to ice-cream, cakes and tarts, and bonbons. While 2am:dessertbar is famous for their desserts, they also serve gourmet food.

Image From 2am:dessertbar


The chocolate tarts (S$17.00) are served with a blood orange sorbet and salted caramel. It’s like a blast of flavors for whoever tastes it. Well, it was for me.

Here’s the thing. Going to 2am:dessertbar, I had expectations of being overwhelmed with desserts. Thinking about it, sweets here and there – all these flavors will overwhelm your taste buds in no time. But, the best thing about 2am:dessertbar is that the dessert here was nowhere near overwhelming, but it wasn’t underwhelming either. It was just the right moment to appreciate the desserts served. 

The desserts were sweet, but they were not the type of sweet that just makes you throw up after a few tastes of the variety of desserts. It is one of the few moments that I actually appreciate the sweetness of what’s on my plate.

Image From 2am:dessertbar

The Kochi Yuzu Sorbet (S$15.00) is served with miso caramel – it just compliments the whole sorbet set up. The best thing about the Kochi Yuzu Sorbet is that there are a lot of flavors on the plate, but they do not overshine each other.

The 2am:dessertbar Mac & Cheese (S$24.00) is, by far, my favorite at 2am:dessertbar. Well, it is a dessert bar, and I loved everything I tried. But, the Mac & Cheese was a personal favorite. When it comes to its preparation, I love that people have different twists to it. The 2am:dessertbar version does not have bacon, but it has crispy pork strips!

Image From 2am:dessertbar

The crispy pork pieces are seasoned with paprika and smoked to perfection – it’s like I’m trying Mac & Cheese for the first time.

With the desserts, my favorite was the Shades of Green where the mixture of pistachio, coco mousse and pandan ice-cream was just the perfect mix of sweet greens. I have always liked fresh and young coconut juice in some desserts, and this really piqued my interests.

While I do know I am not a qualified pastry enthusiast, I did appreciate the desserts that were prepared. Everyone who has ever tried dining at 2am:dessertbar was right. The treats at 2am:dessertbar are sweets you cannot just find anywhere. They’re made with spontaneous creativity and bursts of ideas from people who know what their taste buds like.

I cannot say I have mastered the art of gastronomy, but 2am:dessertbar has opened my heart to the thought of trying other pastries and sweet treats. I will come across options of sweets and treats at places I go to that won’t always please me, but that thought will no longer stop me from trying the pastry and dessert menu.

If you are someone who wants something new and unique, I suggest you try 2am:dessertbar. They have an amazing menu, and I always find myself coming here when I want to de-stress – alone or not. Sometimes, I just think the contents of their menu helps me relax my nerves.

If you have tried 2am:dessertbar, what did you like the best about the place and the menu? Let me know by commenting below.


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