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21 on Rajah Review

An Online Insight to 21 on Rajah

I have always appreciated traditional Mediterranean art and designs, and 21 on Rajah has just showed me so much of the culture through the interior designs, the quality of time put into achieving who they are now, and the exquisite flavors of their cuisine.

21 on Rajah makes me feel like I am on vacation the moment I step in. Dining here just teleports me to the lands of a Mediterranean paradise. I took my time taking in the art and decorations of the place. Please, take note – they are very instagram worthy!

21 on Rajah
Image From 21 on Rajah

The ambience at 21 on Rajah boasts of class and quality. And, back then when it was my first time, I was really hoping the food spoke the same language as the interior design.

The place was not overly decorated, but the art spoke of cultures and dining that would make you wonder where in the world you’ve actually been that the place gives this familiar vibe. I am glad they didn’t decide to overwhelm the place with too many decorations. It would be a shame if the decorations were not properly appreciated, if ever.

Even their cover photo for their Gallery tab on the website is my cup of tea. I’ve posted the photo below and credited it back to them. So, make sure to check out 21 on Rajah on the web!

21 on Rajah
Image From 21 on Rajah

21 on Rajah also caters to different needs of the clients, besides their excellence restaurant offers, of course. They offer their conference rooms for private meetings or small business parties. You can also inquire about functions and events for weddings and anniversaries.

Their venues are also kid-friendly where you can hold children parties at. It’s a safe environment for the kids, and it is suitable for all sorts of children parties; birthdays, baby showers or baptisms.

On usual occasions, 21 on Rajah likes being part of a special day. So, if it’s your birthday or someone with you is celebrating their birthday, let 21 on Rajah know! It would be so much fun because they would prepare the cake for you, surprise the celebrant and sing the “Happy Birthday Song” with you!

21 on Rajah
Image From 21 on Rajah

Enjoying the 21 on Rajah Cuisine

One of the best things about 21 on Rajah cuisine is that they really do put so much effort into their preparation. Another good thing is they are Halal-certified, and that gives them a chance at a wider  range of clients and customers.

21 on Rajah serves everyone with a well-prepared and executed buffet suitable for all ages.

They have a tender preparation of Roasted Beef Ribeye that you can indulge in as much as you want. They also have Asian specialties like Chicken Curry, Prawns in Kong Pao sauce. If you want healthy food, you can find the salad selection, complete with the sauces everyone loves.

21 on Rajah
Image From 21 on Rajah, Google

Their buffets are really worth every cent, given that it is a buffet and it takes a lot of effort to keep the food fresh and of quality. Take note; if you have a sweet tooth, they have a chocolate fondue with all the condiments you know would be perfect with the chocolatey sweetness.

Speaking of sweets, they do have a wide variety of sweet treats! For someone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth, I am pretty excited talking about this.

21 on Rajah has everyone’s top favorites! While I am not fond of too much of sweets, I do love that they have the New York cheesecake! I could finish more than a slice with this sweet thing. Their selection of mousse also comes in Green Tea, Raspberry and Durian.

If you need a safe place to start with the sweet stuff, check out their gelato and condiments. It’s a sure win-win when you dine here.

Now, the trick to catching all your preferred dishes is to know when they are preparing what.

You see, it wouldn’t really be nice if a restaurants prepares all the same food everyday, right? This is why 21 on Rajah is so brilliant! So, let me tell you what I know about their dinner buffets.

21 on Rajah start their dinner buffets at 6.00 PM to 10.00 PM, and everyday, they have a different category to serve on the buffet table.

21 on Rajah
Image From 21 on Rajah

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays –  they have the Mediterrasian Theme. The rates for S$24.00-S$48.00. 21 on Rajah always asks the customers to consider the season and availability of the products when it comes to what they prepare on their buffet table.

Every Mondays, they host an Italian Theme Buffet. And, yes, they have pasta and pizza offered for everyone. The rates are S$20.00-S$40.00.

On Wednesdays, it’s time for Viva Espana theme! All your favorite Spanish dishes are for you to indulge in – Gambas, Bola de Carne, tortillas. Just wait till you try their paella, you just won’t have the strength to resist for more!

21 on Rajah
Image From 21 on Rajah

They also have a Morrocan Theme Buffet. They usually have it every Friday. It’s about the same rate of the Mediterrasian buffet rate. And, here, you will find the favorite Morrocan dishes like the Pilaf rice with their own special twist, Mussels with herbs and spices, and the famous Morrocan braised lamb shank.

The buffet table is just tasty everyday for 21 on Rajah, and they never fall short of their creativity with decorations and flavors.

If you have an early start and can catch up to their brunch and lunch buffet, you can check their menu, schedule and rates here.

Thanks for joining me on this review, and I hope I left you salivating and excited to try 21 on Rajah! If you have or haven’t tried this restaurant yet, let me know what you think!


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