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2017 Best Hawker Food Singapore by ieatandeat

2017 Best Hawker Food Singapore

2017 was another busy year with the close to 100 eateries’ visits, covered mostly hawker food and some restaurants / cafes, some were duds but a few truly stands out with its fine culinary skills, here are the top few picks that we think worth for your consideration.

1: Heng Kee Kway Chap 興記粿汁

If you like Kway Chap with thin, silky smooth and perfect texture kway, Heng Kee Kway Chap is the place to go, the kway is probably one of the best around. The gravy doused over the kway was flavourful but not overpowering with herb, slurping spoonful of kway already a great enjoyment here.

The poorly cleaned offal is the biggest off-putting for any good kway chap stall, Heng Kee Kway Chap can be proud with the work, the intestines were free from the unpleasant stent, it was cooked to a nice texture and flavourful from the herbs and spices absorbed.

While the innards probably the most coveted ingredients for a kway chap stall, what truly catch our attention with Heng Kee Kway Chap was their braised pork trotter, it was observed most of the diners ordered this dish to go with the kway chap and we decided to give it a try as well, its proven the diners know its best. The pig knuckle was fork-tendered and absorbed all the essence of the rich and flavourful gravy. It was incredibly delicious and went exceptionally well with the kway.

Heng Kee Kway Chap delectable flat noodles, braised items and tender pork knuckles were indeed succulent, the slurp-worthy breakfast that warrant topping up with more bowls of kway.

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A: 45A Sims Dr, Singapore 381045 (the corner coffee shop near to Sims Dr)

2: Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu Review 百年酿豆腐

What consist a real good Yong Tau Foo? Besides use of quality ingredients, freshness and tastefulness in every piece of the well-crafted Yong Tau Foo, the soup has to be with perfect sweetness and flavour, complemented by good chili and sweet dipping sauce.

Hard to find one to fulfil the requirement but we are glad Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu probably one of the rare stalls in Singapore that can meet the standard.

Every piece of the Yong Yau Foo from Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu is made with passion and high standard and you can truly appreciate what a real good stuff in the bowl. Soup was light but full of flavour in every sip, no MSG added and yet superior in taste.

At Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu, be it the bouncy prawn balls, butter gourd meat paste, fried meat roll wrap or chunk of pork meat with black fungus, even down right to the piece of plain beancurd is not taken lightly with great emphasis in the quality.

Fried Chicken wings

Besides the palatable bowl of Yong Tau Foo, do not miss out the fried chicken wings from Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu as well. The chicken wings and the chicken drumlet or lollipop are well marinated and freshly fried when order. Perfect crisp skin and fried to a perfect texture, the offering of fried chicken wings may seem to be contrary to the presumably healthy Yong Tau Foo, however, we know it is hard to resist not to order this delectable snack. Cholesterol? Let’s worry later.

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Albert Centre Market & Food Centre (Bugis), 270 Queen Street #01-106 Singapore 180270

Block 32 New Market Road Food Centre (Chinatown), #01-1144 Singapore 050032

Blk 750 Chai Chee Road (Viva Business Park), #01-25 Singapore 469000

3: Bedok Ah Koon Fish Soup review – 勿洛亚坤鱼汤

Bedok Ah Koon Fish Soup occupied two adjacent units selling fish soup and zi char, most of the customers apparently went after the fish slice soup and meat ball soup for the obvious reasons, the delicious fish soup and meatball soup are both worth for a visit.

Fish Soup $4/6/8

Bedok Ah Koon Fish Soup uses more expensive Batang fish than the cheaper snakehead for the fish slices. fish was fresh with the sweetness of the broth can be felt in every sip. Definitely one of the better fish soup we have tried so far.

Meat ball soup $4/6/8

Bedok Ah Koon Fish Soup may be specialised in fish dishes and we have to agree they served fairly good fish soup, however, the meat ball soup was just equally phenomenal and surprisingly impressive compared to the fish soup. The meat balls were a mixture of minced pork, carrot, Chinese celery, water chestnut and the spices. Each meat ball was packed with salivating flavour with a nice texture, the soup was infused with the additional sweetness from the meat balls and highly recommended dish to order.

Our verdict on Bedok Ah Koon Fish Soup

Bedok Ah Koon Fish Soup has impressed us both of their fish soup and meat ball soup. This is another hidden gem in the HDB that warrant the support.

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A: 538 Bedok North Street 3 #01-120/121. Singapore 460538

4: Thailand Street Food

“Thailand Street Food” specialised in Northern Thai style noodle, you can choose Thai rice noodle, Mee Kia, Mee Hoon, Mee Suan and Kway Teow, the assortment of noodles can be paired with the choice of traditional TomYam or green curry for those who loves hot and spicy, or opt for the non-spicy clear soup base. Thai Street Food is manned by a Thai chef to provide you the most authentic Thai street style noodles to the diners.

Tom Yum Pork Noodle (soup) $4.5

Not made of the off-the-shelf TomYum paste, Thailand Street Food uses the home made TomYum ingredients for a bowl of succulent noodle, the soup was not filled with chili red colour but a clear version of TomYum which is truly the authentic Northern Thai flavour and our prefer choice, the soup was inundated with piquant flavour, it releasing a rounded sweet, sour and spicy flavour that not easily forgotten. Premium mee kia was used than ordinary mee kia ensure the perfect texture at all time as well as the nice toppings like liver, meat balls, the iconic soup was a pleasant to the taste buds. A highly recommended dish should not be missed.

Thai Green Curry Noodle $4.5

The Thai spices and herbs went perfectly well to create a lip-smacking, aromatic green curry, we love the the green curry that have a perfect balancing act adorned with lusciously homemade green curry taste, the quintessential Thai aroma was infused with fiery chili with a sweet smelling concoction but not at all cloying, it gave the taste buds tingling and a big thumb up from all of us.

Pork Noodle Non-spicy (soup) $4.0

If you are not the fan of the fervently hot TomYam and green curry noodles, the non-spicy broth is a good alternative choice, Consist of pork slice, meatballs, pork liver, pork minced meat, hard-boiled egg and fried wanton skin, the well brewed broth was a medley of sweet and savory flavours, rice noodle was silky smooth and chewy, perfect texture infused with Thai’s of taste. Broth may appear thin and unsophisticated but taste was speculative.

Thai Pork Noodle (dry) $4.0

Dry version is available if you are not a fan of soupy noodle, Thai style noodle may appear “pale” which could be deceiving from a bowl of insipid noodle. Consist of pork slice, meatballs, pork liver, pork minced meat, hard-boiled egg and fried wanton skin. The flavors here are cleaner and lighter but no less delicious, do enjoy the authentic Thai style noodle the Thai way, addition of Thai spices and condiments eg. Chili flake, grated peanut, sugars etc are available that perfectly enriches the gourmet experience with the myriad of flavor to please everyone.

Our verdict:

The important thing of Thailand Street Food is that all the dishes work, it is simple and unpretentious, the chef’s culinary skills to create a nice flavor that accentuate the ubiquitous tastes in each bowl of noodle and present in the Thai traditional rendition is highly commendable. Is it worth for a revisit? You bet.

Refer for details

A: Golden 88 Cafeteria, 金88海鲜美食, Block 107, Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534829

5: Kim Lee Carrot Cake Review 金利菜头粿 @ Sims Drive – Cheap, big portion and good

It is hard to find cheap and good food in Singapore nowadays, not to mention with the generous serving size. Kim Lee Carrot Cake at Sims Vista Market & Food Centre perhaps is one of the rare one around.

Not be misled by the seemingly queue-less in front of the stall, we were told a waiting time of about 45 minutes and the old uncle showed us the pile of plates with order tags that pending to fulfil. The business was indeed good.

Kim Lee Carrot Cake makes their own carrot cake to ensure the consistency of the quality, freshly steamed daily since the business started few decades ago.

Both Black and white versions are available at $2 and $3, when the carrot cake was delivered to our table, our eyes were popping big with its huge serving size, be it $2 or $3, it definitely go above your expectations.

Besides the affordable price and big serving size, Kim Lee Carrot Cake has delivered the taste as well for both the white and black version, the carrot cake has the right texture, fried with generous eggs and Chai Poh or preserved reddish, you can indulge in a plate of fragrant and satisfying carrot cake.

The black version that cooked with sweet sauce was well executed as well, the right amount of sweetness coupled with the eggy and Chai Poh flavour delivered the typical traditional old school carrot cake taste.

Our verdict

what else can you expect from a plate of cheap, good taste and generous serving portion of fried carrot cake? It helped to explain the long waiting time at Kim Lee Carrot Cake.

Refer for details

A: 49 Sims Place #01-30 Singapore 380049

6: Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee @ Toa Payoh – Lor mee with shoestring yam fries ZHI XIANG SPECIAL LOR MEE 智翔特制卤面

The word “Special” attracts our attention and drawn our curiosity.

The “Special” is not in the bowl of lor mee, in fact, you get all the usual toppings from the hard-boiled egg, Ngoh Hiang, fish cake slices, bean sprouts, choice of braised fatty pork belly or the braised lean pork, on top of it the natural flavour enhancers from chopped garlic, sambal chilli and the Chinese coriander that gave the extra punch to the overall flavour.

The “lor” or the gravy is the soul of the good lor mee, Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee serves the traditional thick and rich gravy style lor mee and we tend to agree the stall has a very well-seasoned gravy, it has the right viscosity, not too watery or starchy, coupled with the good flavour which gave the bowl of lor mee a good boost to the taste.

Talking all about the bowl of lor mee and you cannot miss out not to mention the “Special” of Zhi Xiang Special Lor Mee – the shoestring yam fries! Served separately in a bowl, the deep fried shoestring yam was indeed quite a nice complement to the bowl of lor mee, the yam has a hint of sweetness and the combined with crispiness made the “special” simply addictive.

Price: $3 /$4
Refer for details

A: 93 Lorong 4 Toa Payoh, #01-49 Toa Payoh Market & Food Centre
Singapore 310093

7. A.A.S.S. Seafood Soup 安安山山海鲜汤

Since the discovery of the seafood soup in Bedok, we have not travelled to the Woodland Food Centre to satisfy our craving for a bowl of heavenly seafood soup. From A.S. seafood and now A.A.S.S. Seafood Soup (Ann Ann San San) – a new seafood soup stall resides not far the the A.S. seafood, we have another great choice of this crustaceans soup.

Helmed by the same Chef, Mr Lau who decided to part with A.S. Seafood and started his own business, a brave decision to take his own destiny on his own hand.

Mr Lau knows well the need to emulate his rival in the nearby vicinity, and we sense the heart and soul went into bowls of the seafood soup. The soup was amazingly flavourful, minced meat and fresh seafood gave a good subtle taste for mopping up the tantalizing gravy and everything was spot on. Always opt for the upsize $8 – $12 to enjoy the best of this heavenly soup.

Our verdict on A.A.S.S. Seafood Soup

Mr Lau has a daunting task to lure the foodies to A.A.S.S. Seafood Soup with the new stall, however, the fittest will survive, we believe the quality of the seafood soup will eventually win over the mass and stand tall to face the competition.

Refer for details

A: Block 418, #01-63, Bedok North Ave 2, Singapore 460418

8. San Hup fried Hokkien mee – $5 / 6 and $8

The fried Hokkien mee was a mixture of yellow noodle with fine bee hoon, fried with generous amount of eggs, sliced pork belly, prawns and cuttlefish, the texture was not too soggy or too dry and cooked to our liking. Copious of crispy fried lard was added to further elevate the overall flavour a notch higher.

The noodles were infused with the fragrance of the lard, a critical component for a plate of tantalizing Hokkien mee, together with the lime and the sambal chili, we were fully indulged in a plate of succulent Hokkien mee, “Shiok” perhaps is the best word to conclude our verdicts.

A: Block 742A, Tampines Street 72, Singapore 521742

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