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1927 Review

1927: The Rooftop Pool Party Bar & Restaurant of Singapore

Imagine one of the best views of Singapore, while you’re sipping your favorite cocktail and dipping in the pool – this is 1927 for you.

1927 is probably one of the most favorite places of people who like grandeur. While it’s not high up considering it’s on the sixth floor – it’s really one of the ritzy places of Singapore. Most of the people who know the place are local Singaporeans, and not many people would know about it if it weren’t recommended by someone who knows Singapore in and out.

Image From 1927, Google

You can find a view of the Singaporean skyline and a glimpse of the busy buildings in Singapore. And, people who like good drinks usually come to the place and enjoy what 1927 has to offer. It’s just so calming when you find a place when you want a good vibe – 1927 does it for me everytime!

You will find 1927 on the rooftop of SO Sofitel, Singapore – 35 Robinson Road, Singapore 068876.

Image From 1927, Google

The good thing about the place is that while it is a busy bar and lounge, it’s not in a crowded area and it’s usually more secluded. Unlike being at other bars and lounges where your attention cannot stay put only on one venue, 1927 is the only place you can indulge and concentrate on because of its location.

The Deets on 1927

The crowd of 1927 are always the people who want a good time – where people just enjoy the amazing views of Singapore and the great drinks and finger food offered.

1927 has cocktails, wine, beer – everything you will need just right for you to get into the fun mood of socializing. From contemporary classics, equatorial picks and modern signatures – it’s almost like describing a bookworm’s heaven.

Image From 1927, Google

The Tiki Time Bomb (S$22.00) is a nice touch to starting off your visit to 1927. If you want something that will make you the perfect ice-breaker, they have beers ready for everyone who just wants a good drink out!

The beers are around S$14.00-S$15.00 and can go per bottle or the tap – your pick! If I would choose, though – I’ve always liked how cool people would look while drinking beer from the bottle.While that is the case, I have never seen myself drinking from a bottle to know if I do look cool, too. And, well, no one’s really complimented me for it!

But, sure – when it comes down to it and you really want a max effect from beer, I’d always go for the bottle.

Well, going to a party, I have always found myself as the person that observes; I laugh when people tell funny stories or jokes, I listen when people talk, and I always make sure everyone in the group participates in the fun. So, I always find that beer is a sweet companion in keeping my spirits up and high.

1927 is a bar and lounge, but they still have great bites to try – especially if you are not one of the drinkers in the groups. Food is everything to keep the alcoholic beverages shallow, and to keep yourself from throwing up.

There’s the classic Artisan cheese (S$30.00) by 1927, and a good dose of iberico ham. If you want the classic finger food options, they have french fries (S$12.00).

I must say, it’s more of a blessing that 1927’s menu includes burgers and fried chicken (S$18.00-S$22.00). For most people, including me, what you eat when you are drinking is important, so it’s always best to have something heavy from time to time.

Image From 1927, Google

I love the ambience and the crowd at 1927. Not to miss out on mentioning the amazing drinks selection, they have a good portion for their bites from the bar, and they have been prepared with quality. So far, the experience of 1927 is amazing – everything you see is custom-made and of amazing materials. The tropical touch with modern structural designs have made a good show of the 1927 interior.

Sometimes, you feel a little extra in the summer tropics because some of the drinks served at 1927 are in bamboo cups. It’s being very economical, artsy and a little friendlier to the environment.

How was your 1927 experience? Let me know by commenting on this post. I’d love to know about it!


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