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13 Hearty Brunch Spots to Go in Singapore on a Lazy Weekend

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13 Hearty Brunch Spots in Singapore

Brunch – a breakfast-lunch term that is coined by lazy people who can’t wake up in time for breakfast and can’t wait for the next meal. How accurate is that?

Late-risers like you and I love a weekend brunch because it is a gentle reminder of how we have the whole day to while away as we laugh at memes with friends while enjoying some eggs & toast. Didn’t wake up in time for McBreakfast? Call up your equally slothful pals and head to one of these 13 brunch spots in Singapore for some hearty all-day breakfasts.

Brawn & Brains

brawn & brains

Unpretentious and simple, Brawn & Brains has become a no-brainer when we talk about a solid brunch. This is where you can get a good cup of coffee, a mean plate of sandwiches, and cruise the afternoon away with your dearest friends. Embellished chicly in colours of black and white, the cafe welcomes a huge dose of sunlight with its floor-to-ceiling windows.

While you’re here, you’d notice that every table has an order of the Oven-baked Molten Eggs ($16.80). It is an immaculate presentation of two golden runny eggs on a blanket of perfectly-melted cheese on a tortilla, accompanied by vibrant colours of red, green, and orange from the cherry tomatoes, avocado and arugula leaves, and smoked salmon rolls respectively. If you’re all about carbs, complete the dish with an add-on of brioche (+$2).

Not feeling eggs? Go ahead and opt for the Curried Chicken Wrap ($12.90) instead, which sees a curry puff brought a notch higher and is major yum.

Brawn & Brains

100 Guillemard Road #01-02
Singapore 399718

Tue to Fri: 8.30am – 6pm
Sat, Sun & PHs: 9.30am – 6pm

6348 0501

Merci Marcel

merci marcel

Introducing a fresh breath of Parisian air into Eng Hoon Street at Tiong Bahru, Merci Marcel got us begging it for mercy with its unforgiving charm. You can choose to dine al fresco and sit among the lines of flowers and green leaves, or plop yourself down in the main dining area where it is decorated tastefully with wooden furniture, rattan lamps, and brick walls.

Pasta for breakfast? Oui, baby. Have yourself a bowl of Ravioles de Royan ($18++), a French cheese-filled dumpling pasta immersed in an indulgent pool of creamy white sauce. If you’re concerned about the overwhelming creaminess, it is not, I promise.

For some egg porn, try the Benedict Eggs ($21++), which sees two pastel runny eggs and juicy portobello mushrooms piled on brioche toasts. The party is then topped by a cluster of crispy bacon strips. Even something as simple as the Pain Au Chocolat ($3.50++) can sweeten your day up.

Merci Marcel (Tiong Bahru)

56 Eng Hoon Street #01-68
Singapore 160056

Tue to Sat: 8am – 11.30pm
Sun: 8am – 10.30pm
Closed on Mondays

6224 0113



The vibrant streets of Tanjong Pagar are literally plagued with stunning cafes and appetizing food, but Botanist stands out effortlessly with its clean decor and picturesque dishes. This is the go-to when you’re looking to take some eye-popping #ootd shots. Opt to sit outdoors to take well-lit selfies with your food, or sit indoors if you don’t want to break a sweat.

Who Spilled the Jam ($19)? *Discreetly raises hand*

If you’ve got an early-morning hankering for something sweet, this one might just be right up your alley. Hidden under a spread of sour berry jam spilt from an adorable jar, sweet almonds, and walnuts is a thick, fluffy toast that is brûléed. That refreshing tartness from the jam is then balanced by the sweet marshmallows and vanilla ice cream.

We also loved the full-bodied Seafood Mac & Cheese ($17), which was the perfect amount of creamy and topped with some smoked salmon slices.


74 Neil Road Singapore 088839
Tues to Thu: 9am – 6pm

Fri & Sat: 9am – 10pm
Sun: 9am – 7pm
Closed on Mondays


Five Oars Coffee Roasters

five oars coffee roasters

Terrorizing all Instagram feeds with its luscious green, leafy centrepiece and its white cement walls, Five Oars Coffee Roasters has become a classic hotspot for an original brunch menu and of course, pretty photos. The Melbourne-inspired cafe is bathed in natural sunlight and gives every photo taken in it a bright pop.

Forget the usual, run-of-the-mill brunch offerings like eggs or avo on toast. FOCR’s menu is meticulously thought-out and creative, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the little nuances of each dish. You can be here at 9am in the morning or 9pm at night. Either way, you have to give their Mentaiko Mac & Cheese ($20.50) a try. Perfumed with Mentaiko all over, the macaroni is baked in parmesan and cheddar, and is as decadent as god knows what.

They are also famed for their Creme Brûlée French Toast ($18.50), a sweet treat you might desire after a savoury meal.

Five Oars Coffee Roasters

39 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088462

Daily: 8am – 10pm
Last order: 9am (food), 9.30pm (drinks)


Tolido’s Espresso Nook

tolido's espresso nook

Photo credit: Tolido’s espresso Nook

As its name already suggests. Tolido’s Espresso Nook is like a crevice where you can hide from the hustle and bustle, and enjoy a well-deserved weekend break. It is admittedly, not as pretty as a picture like the above cafes, but they do artisan coffee and latte art so mean, you’ll have no choice but be addicted to their caffeine.

Good breakfast doesn’t have to cost a pretty penny or look like a unicorn pooped it out. The Rosti with Smoked Bratwurst ($17) is a no-frills plate of lightly-fried shredded russet potatoes, meaty bratwursts which are basically German sausages, and an egg done however how you like it.

If that wasn’t enough for you, don’t hold back. Order one of their Pandan Pancakes ($11), which are pancakes flavoured with real pandan, trickled with gula melaka syrup and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Tolido’s Espresso Nook

463 Crawford Lane #01-63
Singapore 190462

Tue to Fri: 8am – 6.30pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 6.30pm
Closed on Mondays

6648 0178

Free The Robot

free the robot

Photo credit: @shermainexk

Look here if you’re a total nerd for robots or just in search of a quirky little hideout in the CBD for brunch. Free the Robot is literally a transformer, as it functions as a robot-themed cafe by day, and turns itself into a bar called Bitters & Love by night. Walk into the hole-in-the-wall that is minutes away from Telok Ayer MRT, you’ll find walls full of cute doodles and drawings which emanate such offbeat vibes it frees the robotic CBD-dweller in you.

What do you know, robots actually whip up a pretty good brunch fare! We’ll start with their signature cuppa, the Free the Robot Signature($6) – a layer of coconut oil on milky foam and espresso. The coconut scent complements the intense caffeine kick and comes as a surprise for sceptics.

Pair your coffee with their comforting Avocado Pesto Toastie($7), which features buttery avocado slices sandwiched between soft toasted bread, elevated with feta cheese and homemade pesto sauce.

free the robot

Photo credit: @freetherobot.sg

Don’t be shocked if you spot a wild doggo when you’re dining here. That’s just their ‘mascot’, Baileys.

Free the Robot

118 Telok Ayer St
Singapore 068587

Tues – Sat: 8.30am – 4.30pm
Closed on Mon & Sun

6438 1836

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

populus coffee & food co

Photo credit: Populus Coffee & Food Co.

Not just prodigies at crafting a proper plate of breakfast food for you brunch-hunters, The Populus Coffee & Food Co. also dedicates time and effort in perfecting their cuppas. Upon sauntering in on a weekend, you’ll probably be turned off by the buzz but go on, take a seat, and you’ll be here to stay for the sleek, classy decor and intoxicating aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans.

“The best things are always complicated”, said no one ever, and simple treats like The Populus Scramble ($18.50) is something you’d want on a lazy Sunday. Think creamy, soft scrambled eggs folded with feta cheese and a herb melange, all hemmed in by a flaky croissant, then finished with a handful of juicy, streaky bacon.

Allergic to too many calories?

A healthier option for you would be their Pulled Pork Grain Bowl ($19.50) where slow-cooked pulled pork sleeps on a bed of colourful vegetables, which buries a base of quinoa, bulgar wheat, and pearl barley.

Populus Coffee & Food Co.

146 Neil Road
Singapore 088875

Mon: 9am – 7pm
Tue: 9am – 4pm
Wed to Fri: 9am – 10.30pm
Sat: 9.30am – 10.30pm
Sun: 9.30am – 7pm

6635 8420



Hidden under a striped shutter, Symmetry opens its bright green doors to you, with 80s soundtracks and comfort good food. Dine al fresco for an Aussie-style brunch enveloped by lush greenery, or dine indoors for a completely asymmetrical experience with rustic brick walls and dim lamps.

An oldie but undoubtedly a goodie, Symmetry has been in the business since 2012, and the crackerjack Eggs Benedict ($22) that they bring to the table has stayed the same – delicious. A pair of honey-glazed bacon-wrapped sous vide eggs falls apart effortlessly to reveal a layer of portobello mushrooms, drizzled with hollandaise on top of toasted English muffins.

Follow the savoury dish up with the sweet Symmetry Waffle ($16), a golden brown stack of quartered waffles served with a tangy berry compote, Nutella and peanut butter, and berry ice cream on some chopped bananas.



9 Jalan Kubor #01-01
Singapore 199206

Mon: 10.30am – 9pm
Tue to Thu: 10.30am – 11pm
Fri: 10.30am – 12am
Sat: 9am – 12am
Sun: 9am – 7pm

6291 9901

Grids and Circles

grids & circles

Photo credit: Fynn’s

Wedged in the middle of a row of shophouses along the streets of Chinatown, Grids and Circles is another noteworthy addition to the platter of cafes in this vicinity. The three-story cafe has a white-washed exterior which hides a pretty pastel-hued interior, making the girly girl in me squeal in excitement.

grids and circles

Photo credit: @wishuponatart

As if to match its delicate decor, their Tamago Sando ($12) looks eggs-quisitely dainty and has been one of the esteemed menu items here, eggs-pecially for girls. It features the simple combination of eggs and toast, with two skinless, pillowy toasts kiap-ing a succulent, fluffy tamago patty, slathered with umami konbu(kelp) mayo and sweet pear sauce.

For a less predictable brunch offering, try the Salmon Ochazuke ($16) – a Japanese-style porridge featuring pan-seared salmon on a bed of nori and Kinmemai brown rice, soaked in a bacon dashi green tea broth which you can pour yourself.

Grids & Circles

200 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058749

Sun to Thu: 8.30am – 6.30pm
Fri to Sat: 8.30am – 12am

6935 3546



Photo credit: Fynn’s

At Fynn’s, weekends are made for brunching, rendering it the perfect place for some loosening-up on a leisurely weekend. If you’re holding a camera, good for you! Because this all-day dining cafe is adorned tastefully with shiny marbled tables, rattan chairs, and green plants which bring any picture to life instantly. Add on a Common Man speciality cup of coffee, you’re good to go for the day.

With a decently extensive menu of sweet and savoury dishes, the Vanilla Hotcakes ($19) will definitely fill you right up. The five-layered high dish showcases light and fluffy golden discs stacked atop one another, moistened generously with maple syrup, served with coconut butter and blueberry compote, and topped with some blueberries.

While that might prove a tall order to finish up, you can opt for the Stuff French Toast ($21) – a savoury-sweet combination of maple bacon and gruyere, finished with some berries and honeycomb.


26 Beach Road #B1-21
South Beach Avenue Singapore 189768

Weekend Brunch hours
Sat: 11am – 3pm
Sun: 10.30am – 4.30pm

6384 1878



Photo credit: @evangelskies

When you’re in need of a punch in the face to wake you up from that weekend morning slumber, Punch is waiting for you at North Canal Road, with its aromatic brews and laidback charm. Stroll through the dining area and the courtyard, and you’ll find white walls, floor-to-ceiling glass doors, and an aesthetic cement wall with leafy columns to really get you in your ‘gram game.

Punch embraces the art of chic minimalism and in case you didn’t notice that, you soon will when you come to look at the compact brunch menu. Amongst the seven items on there, the Earl Grey Pancakes ($15) stands out as the prettiest. Picture a neat stack of pancakes circled by clean lines of Kuromitsu syrup, topped with a heap of white chocolate and macadamia crumble, and finished with a chocolate-dipped poached pear for good measure.

Take a chance with Reuben ($14) – a sandwich with a well-grasped ratio of corned beef, gruyere, and sauerkraut if you’re not craving sweets. You’ll be left thinking about your next trip here.


32 North Canal Road
Singapore 059288

Tues to Sun: 8am – 6pm
Closed on Mondays


Park Bench Deli

park bench deli

Photo credit: Park Bench Deli

Just a heads up, Park Bench Deli is a sandwich joint and not a cafe, so move along if you’re looking for a cosy hang-out. But if you’re eager for some lip-smacking munchies, then head down to Telok Ayer for some of the best sandwiches in town.

How good can a mere sammich get? You’re about to find out with PBD’s Fried Chicken Sandwich ($14) – a hefty helping of juicy buttermilk fried chicken thigh, held together by bread with homemade Russian dressing, and a tasty corn and cabbage slaw. For an alternative, try the Kong Bak Banh Mi ($14), which features braised, melt-in-the-mouth pork belly, paired with roasted nuts and a crispy pickle mix.

If you’re still peckish(you won’t be), spoil yourself with a PB&J ($8) – an obscenely tantalising mess of cornflake-crusted milk sandwich with oozy peanut butter and tangy jam.

Park Bench Deli

179 Telok Ayer Street
Singapore 068627

Mon to Fri: 7.30am – 9pm
Sat & Sun: 9am – 3pm

6815 4600

Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant

clinton street baking co

Photo credit: Clinton St. Baking Co. Singapore

“New York’s #1 breakfast spot” and “best pancakes” are just some labels you would gladly associate with Clinton St. Baking Co., as the pancakes here are voted best in New York City. If you’re around Purvis Street, let your nose be seduced by buttery fragrance from the freshly baked goodies here. The atmosphere here is comforting and simple, like an American diner.

With its name spread far and wide, it is almost a must to order one of their Pancakes with Warm Maple Butter ($18). Sink your fork into the stack of fluffy goodness and pop a mouthful with some wild blueberries and savoury maple butter, your life is complete at that moment.

Otherwise, try their award-winning Chicken & Waffles ($21), which sees golden fried chicken pieces laid atop buttermilk waffles, with a side of maple butter. You can always trust the Americans when it comes to indulgent food.

Clinton St. Baking Co. & Restaurant

31 Purvis Street
Singapore 188608

Mon to Thu: 8.30pm – 6pm
Fri & Sat: 8am – 9pm
Sun: 8am – 6pm

6684 4845

“There has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food” – Ron Swanson, Parks & Recreation

I can have breakfast for breakfast, breakfast for lunch, and breakfast for dinner. Hope one of these brunch places make you feel the same way! If you love Brunch you’re probably a coffee lover, Check out Kona Coffee for their premium coffee”

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