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135 Fish Ball Noodle 135 鱼圆面

135 Fish Ball Noodle 135 鱼圆面

We are pretty sure you can easily find a fishball noodle stall in any of the food centre here in Singapore. However, the standard of the fishball varies greatly and only a handful can truly lives up to the good standard. Of course, more professional stalls cooked the mee with the control of a timer to ensure consistently of the quality, recently, one of the noodle stalls in Singapore has introduced machine to semi-automated the cooking tasks replacing the manual job, not a bad choice indeed. At least you can be sure the noodles likely to have the best texture for every bowl of noodle churn out from the stall, though, you may find the machine made may lack of the human touch.


We ordered the mee pok fishball noodle from the 135 Fishball noodles, the mee pok served with fish balls, meat balls, fish cake, fish wrap, vegetable ball and sprinkled of spring onion and fried shallot, the ingredients and the presentation was quite impressive.


However, the mee pok was a little too dry, the lacking of the right moist made the mee pok a little hard and the missing smoothness. A bowl of fish ball noodle involves both the science and act, you need to be masterful in the control of the cooking time, temperature and tossing method, on top of the noodle quality and the sauces added. A few seconds excess or short in the boiling water could ruin the noodles completely, making a bowl of noodle too hard or soggy.


The chili was mild and not too impressive, can only be considered an average sauce. The fish balls tasted like hand-made by the stall owner, it gave a bouncy feel when bite and quite tasteful with good seasoning.


Overall, 135 fishball mee pok may need more refinement to perk up the quality, perhaps, a semi-automated machine could be explored, at least we can ensure the mee pok will have the right texture.



135 Fish Ball Noodle 135 鱼圆面

Address: Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Market and Food Centre, Block 127 Toa Payoh Lor 1 #02-11

Operating Hours: Mon.-Sun. 06:30-15:00 Closed on Tue




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