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13% Gastro Wine Review

Discover What 13% Gastro Wine is Made Of – “Sip, Swirl and Savor”

13% Gastro Wine is one of the classiest – yet, coziest places I have ever been to. Whatever you have in your glass, bright lights or dancing lights are not always a welcome setting. It would depend on every individual, but it’s not always something I like when I want to drag my hours over wine.

13% Gastro Wine is definitely one of the best places for me to enjoy a night of relaxation and de-stressing. It is well-lit without blinding me, the lights do not make me dizzy and the ambience is just smooth and relaxing.

13% Gastro Wine
Image From 13% Gastro Wine

The hosts are very kind and they really do know their wine. That is not always the case with hosts just doing their job. Having real wine connoisseurs is one of the best things about hosting places like this – they know exactly what to offer depending on what you need the most.

The wine connoisseurs who established the place really do know their wine, with their products exported from well-known vineyards in a very wide range of variety. The main hosts make sure that they try the wine themselves, even discovering really good winemakers that deserve recognition.

13% Gastro Wine
Image From 13% Gastro Wine

I see 13% Gastro Wine as a place I would like to de-stress on a calmer level, than going somewhere busy and having a few drinks with a lot of friends. While it does make a good night out to go somewhere upbeat and funky when drinking, there are also some moments when it’s good to talk somewhere people aren’t talking or laughing too loud.

If you are a wine enthusiast, and you love the peace and presence of fellow wine lovers, 13% Gastro Wine is a great place to start. You might actually love the atmosphere here!

What 13% Gastro Wine Has to Offer?

13% Gastro Wine is a place of quality and class – both in wine and gourmet. While people may think it is expensive, they do come in quite affordable, especially when you need a nice and impressive date once in a while.

In my opinion, this is a place I would like to dine and drink wine with friends who just want some time away from the busyness of the city and work life.

13% Gastro Wine’s gourmet food has every food lover’s favorite meats – the Grilled Sanchoku Wagyu sirloin (S$66.00) and a very well-prepared la Pluma pork marinated in a very tasteful spice mix.

13% Gastro Wine
Image From 13% Gastro Wine

There’s the 13% Gastro Wine Short Rib (S$42.00) that was cooked just right to make it tender but not break up.

Of course, I would know about their best tasting meat – I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

On the brighter side, there are dishes like the Confit Tomatoes (S$29.00) with roasted nuts, Burrata cheese and a balsamic reduction. You just can’t miss it when people recommend it so much whenever they dine at the 13% Gastro Wine.

They also have the best of French cuisine at 13% Gastro Wine.

13% Gastro Wine
Image From 13% Gastro Wine

Their selections of cheese range from S$10.00-S$42.00, and their choices would just make you want to try every best dish they can offer.

French dishes such as the rillettes (S$15.00) and the Iberico Bellota (S$24.00) are also on their menus. These are just some of the plates that will definitely compliment the wine you choose for your dining experience.

As a personal food enthusiast, I love that their menu was made to go well with a glass of wine anyone is willing to enjoy. If you want a better option to take, don’t fret to ask for recommendations on what they think would be a great try, especially if it’s your first time at 13% Gastro Wine.

13% Gastro Wine
Image From 13% Gastro Wine

On to the reason why I tried 13% Gastro Wine in the first place – wine. I am not a wine expert, but I do appreciate the art of being given an amazing glass of quality (even not) wine. While I am no expert, I do think some dishes taste really good with certain type of wine.

Now, there are many variations to wines – where they’re from, what year they’re made, how they are consumed and what goes well with which. As for 13% Gastro Wine, their wine come from a very large base of vineyards, and some they explore themselves with new winemakers and include in their menu when they like it.

The wine they serve at 13% Gastro Wine are selected by the hosts, Bruno and Geoffrey, themselves. They have the wine exported from all over the world – Spain, Portugal, Australia and even France – where all the best selections are always preferred by wine connoisseurs.

13% Gastro Wine is a gem, and everyone who has been part of the experience would agree with me. They do handle their guests well, which is why I would recommend this to couples for a nice date, a dinner meeting of friends or even work colleagues, or a celebratory reunion.

What have you tried at 13% Gastro Wine? Did I miss anything I shouldn’t have? Please, let me know what I should try when I go back! Comment your recommendations. Until then, I’ll catch you on my next blog!


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