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1001 of Arabia Review

Discovering 1001 of Arabia, Singapore

I didn’t ask the owners why the place is named 1001 of Arabia. So, I made my personal assumptions why it’s called its so-called name. I mean, I had to come up with something – and I happen to know about the tales behind the title.

1001 of Arabia is familiar because of the old Middle Eastern tales comprised of 10 amazing journeys. These very same tales include the famous Aladdin & The Magical Lamp and Ali Baba & The Forty Thieves.

At least, we are now aware where this hidden treasure got its name.

Now, why do I call it a hidden treasure? Well, I have very personal reasons that I do not intentionally mean as an offense – but, by the end of this post, you will be proud of my taste development.

My taste buds have touched plenty of cultures and cuisines. This includes the spices and specialties of the Middle Eastern cultures – but, why just now did I come to join the food enthusiasts of this particular cuisine?

I never found the love for Middle Eastern cuisine, much more know the specifics with Syrian and Moroccan specifically authentically prepared. But, thank you, 1001 of Arabia, for teaching me how to love this particular cuisine. This won’t be my last, and I do not deny that I am looking forward to exploring more of the Middle Eastern cuisine.

Let’s get started at everything I loved about 1001 of Arabia!

Entering the 1001 of Arabia World of Food

You can find 1001 of Arabia in Bugis, as you walk along Baghdad Street. It’s not very hard to see, since the artsy, bohemian interior will catch your attention. I like how everything is just artsy and code down with the decoration. It gives me the feeling that I do not need to be perfect and uptight all the time. Ambiences like this make me relax and feel more comfortable with my food, my surroundings.

1001 of Arabia
Image From 1001 of Arabia, Google

The bohemian art of the place also reminds me of the deserts where tents are put up when travelers decide to stop for a while. It’s like being transported to the breath-taking Morocco.

The food we got at 1001 of Arabia were the amazing Mezza platter, the Lamb Mandi and their mixed grill. They were surprisingly tasty – and, it was not only for the spices. They were delicious, and there are times when I would remember the taste on my tongue, and go back for more!

The mixed grill is around S$95.90 and is good for 4 people. Personally, I don’t think it’s expensive since it’s good quality meat. And, they really put good efforts in the meat to be delicious and flavourful.

The Mezza Platter is one of my favorites at 1001 of Arabia because of the variety of flavors, giving you an insight to good spices that actually have great health benefits as well. This viand is at S$28.90. And, it is a mighty good price for it! I’ve tried expensive and simple dining before, but 1001 of Arabia is the one that gave me the motivation to explore the horizon of distinct cuisines and not just stop at one.

1001 of Arabia
Image From 1001 of Arabia, Google

The Lamb Mandi was surprisingly good as well! It was a bit overwhelming, but it actually made me realize that it was a better version of a lamb stew, and it was exquisitely prepared! It’s pretty affordable, considering it’s S$30.90 for a huge piece of lamb meat.  

You should also definitely try their signature lamb chop (S$31.90) because they were really generous with the spices and gloss that comes with it! Make sure you share with your group, it can get quite overwhelming, too.

My family likes the wide range of flavours at 1001 of Arabia. One comment was that it was a good spice to food enthusiasts because 1001 of Arabia is like actually trying food in the Middle East.

1001 of Arabia has really fun staff, and they usually keep the spirits of the customers high while being hospitable and giving their best services.

Make sure you drop by their resto at 23 Baghdad Street, Singapore (199662). You can use Chope to make the booking.


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