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10 Scotts High Tea Review

If you want to unwind after a long day or week, do you know where you should head to? 10 SCOTTS! Be excited because you definitely won’t regret it!

Located at Grand Hyatt Singapore, 10 Scotts High Tea offers nothing but luxury and unparalleled service quality. If you’ve already been here for a high tea experience, you know exactly what I mean. And if you haven’t? Well, you’re definitely in for a treat!

It all started with the urge to give myself a break and spend a little bit of time away from deadlines, meetings, and whatnots. I wanted to try something light, go someplace where I can catch up with someone. I remembered a friend and his relentless invitation to try out this high tea time place in Grand Hyat. I can recall the exact words he used in describing the place: “it’s a refuge.” I called up that friend and asked if it was a good time to take him up on the invitation. Soon enough, we were entering the doors of the best high tea buffet I’ve ever tried in Singapore!

What’s at 10 Scotts High Tea for you?

Let’s start with the place – its ambiance and atmosphere. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if I say it felt like being transported to a whole new world! This place is where you would want to be if you want to feel like you’re at home. They have collection rooms with sofas, tables, chairs, and the lighting! The lighting  would just remind you of a cottage in the middle of a forest where you do nothing but bask in the beauty of nature. 

10 Scotts High Tea
Image From Summer Loves to Eat

Speaking of nature, you’d want to get access to the best seats in 10 Scotts High Tea! You just have to! And, you’d want to make sure it’s a seat where you can take in the sight of the waterfalls right outside its window. However, we weren’t able to enjoy the spot because it was reserved for larger groups. So to summarize everything, it’s all very homey, cozy, and naturesque. 

Absorbing 10 Scotts High Tea!

Next stop: the food! Don’t we all want to know the deets?

I am obsessed with cheese. All kinds of cheeses. And imagine my delight upon seeing that they have a premium collection of some of the cheese that I love. There’s a delectable selection of sushi and dim sum, too. There are soups and other dishes that you can order.

10 Scotts High Tea
Image From Grand Hyatt Singapore

Of course, afternoon tea time wouldn’t be complete without sweets. At 10 SCOTTS, you can help yourselves with desserts like no other. Feast on their macaroons, cold cuts, hams, cakes, hummus, scones, breads, and so many others. And did we mention their salad bar and bakery? Huh! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

The stars of the hour for me were the seafood and signature dishes at 10 Scotts High Tea. The oysters and clams are simply to die for! Alloaw me to emphasize that – TO DIE FOR! They’re fresh and very tasty – just how you would like them. Everything is amazing but if there’s one thing that would really make me go back, it’s their crab cakes. You’d be missing out if you don’t try them!

10 Scotts High Tea
Image From Grand Hyatt Singapore

Gulp Down 10 Scotts High Tea!

And now, for the drinks! DRINKS!

You’d certainly enjoy their long list of free-flowing drinks. There’s coffee of all kinds, their remarkable tea collection, and champagne. That’s what 10 Scotts High Tea is about! They definitely live up to their name.

I was feeling a little greedy so I convinced my date for the day to end our afternoon tea at 10 SCOTTS with their summer berry sherbet. Perfect, right?

10 Scotts High Tea
Image From Ming T. Chow

Describing my experience will never give justice to the place. So you’ll have to visit it yourself. You’ll definitely thank me by the end of your visit!

The first seating starts at 12:00pm and ends at 2:30pm. Catch the second seating at 3:00pm, ending at 5:00pm. 

On weekends, you can stay longer because 10 Scotts High Tea ends at 5:30pm. For reservations, please visit this link


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